“Here you live in freedom and with responsibility”

The former president will remain in quarantine for 14 days in Paris, and then travel to Zurich, where he will begin his duties as head of the FIFA Foundation.

Former President Mauricio Macri and his family landed this Friday in France, where they will carry out 14 days of isolation. As soon as he stepped on Parisian soil, he said: “I have just arrived in a society where people live freely and responsibly. Here I will do European quarantine and only then can I go to work in Zurich.”

Macri arrived in Europe on Air France flight AF 229, which landed at Charles de Gaulle airport shortly before 7 a.m., almost 2 a.m. in Argentina.

After removing the suitcases, Macri, his wife Juliana Awada and their daughter Antonia, were intercepted by an Infobae journalist. How did you travel? They asked him. “Very well,” replied the former president briefly.

Macri said he arrived in France “tired” from the long journey and confirmed that he will quarantine in Paris, before traveling to Switzerland, where he would settle to assume his responsibilities as president of the FIFA Foundation, although it is not ruled out that he holds political meetings with party leaders from the European right. “What is your program here in Paris? Family?” Asked Infobae. “Don’t worry, it was a long trip,” he excused himself by not giving details of his departure from the country.

The question is whether one day he will return to Argentina. According to Infobae, the former head of state, his wife and daughter are planning to return on September 8. But that information today is pure uncertainty. Macri is carrying heavy judicial cases that at that moment will be found in decisive instances: espionage, tolls and, fundamentally, the Argentine Post Office.

“Any message for the Argentines?” They asked him. “Calm down,” he replied.

The former president will then go to Switzerland to take over as head of the FIFA Foundation

What did he travel

In Zurich, Mauricio Macri plans to stay a week, in which he will participate in different meetings in his role as president of the FIFA Foundation, such as with the head of the institution, Gianni Infantino. “In Switzerland they required him to quarantine in some EU country before entering,” they clarified in the Macri environment, who would return to the country in the last week of August.

In order to make the trip, the exmandatario and his family had to undergo a medical test beforehand, 36 hours before boarding the flight, to determine that they were not infected with Covid-19.

Macri and Juliana Awada, along with their daughter, were the last to cross the migration sector and board the Boeing 878-9 Dreamliner that took them to the old continent.

A few days ago, Macri traveled to Paraguay to meet with the president of that country.

A few days ago, Macri traveled to Paraguay to meet with the president of that country, Horacio Cartes.

Recent trip to Paraguay

Last July 13, Macri traveled to Paraguay to meet with the ex-president of that country Horacio Cartes in his role as president of the FIFA Foundation. He returned to the country in the day and underwent 14 days of isolation, due to the preventive measures required by the State for the Covid-19 pandemic.

During his brief stay in Paraguay, Macri also met with the president of that country, Mario Abdo. In an interview he gave to Paraguayan television, the Pro leader explained the reasons for his visit: “He obeyed an invitation from my friend the [ex] President Cartes to review an agenda of how to get out of this moment of concern that this pandemic has caused. “

“We are talking about how to get out of fear, which has led to urgency and to making hasty decisions that may have been very damaging,” he added.

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