Fun and long ritual for a family to get their giant dog to bathe

Phil, a alaskan malamute, it has a weakness: peanut butter. And it is also clear about something: He doesn’t like bathing at all.

The family of this pet knows its tricks and, therefore, designed a ritual to be able to enter it in the bathtub in which everyone participates. From mom, dad, baby and even the cat.

They all add their “spiritual” support while its owner tries by all means to get Phil to twist his arm.

The key is in peanut butter. They offer him a bottle that the animal begins to lick and then they leave traces of the food that he likes so much on the walls of the bathtub. This is how they manage to break the “hard” resistance and persuade him that bath time has finally come.

Such is the odyssey to bring this voluminous malamute into the bathtub, that the original video that the family uploaded to the networks shows that only after more than seven minutes they manage to double the will of the stubborn animal and “convince” him to enter the much-needed bathroom by his own means.