Coronavirus: Hospital Evita de Lanús transfers intensive therapy patients because there are more than 50 infected doctors

This week the Hospital Interzonal Evita, from the Buenos Aires party of Lanús, began to transfer patients with coronavirus who were interned in intensive therapy and coronary unit for lack of personnel to attend them. Is that at least 52 doctors they caught it.

The situation at the health center reached a limit on Wednesday, when they began to refer people with COVID-19 positive.

“The Intensive Therapy Unit has 18 workers, of whom 11 are sick. With seven therapists, the necessary care and attention could not be provided. It’s too much work, “he explained Javier Maroni, Executive Director of the hospital a The rest of the services work normally.“he clarified.

According to the records, until this Thursday the total number of doctors confirmed positive for COVID-19 at the institution was 52. “There is a bureaucratic problem that hinders the reinstatement of professionals, and it is the delay of ART to discharge them,” said Maroni. “After 14 days they are discharged, but cannot return to work for a administrative matter. We are dealing with and working with the ministry to resolve that, “he said of the accumulation of cases.

As a result of the overflow, the Provincial Hospital Directorate confirmed that they transferred to four patients “whose clinical condition is stable having overcome the hypercritical state, to continue with the necessary care in other hospitals in the Provincial Network“as detailed in a statement.

However, the version of a group of workers expands the numbers handled by the Directorate. Since Cicop, the union that groups the doctors indicated that, until last week, at least they were 84 positives.

“While there are residents covering 24 hour guards every 48At the same time, we have hospital personnel who still remain cohort (who are at home because they are over 60 years old or have another risk factor), who do not show up for work or who show up for four months in a month, “they denounced. Through a statement released on their social networks, self-convened hospital workers.

“Services that historically had problems, today are crossed by a collapse without exit “, highlights the text signed by resident and concurrent doctors of the HIGA Evita de Lanús. They assure that the hospital is working with “less than 50% medical and nursing staff. ”

It is expected that more transfers could be made as long as the doctors do not return.