what is the image of politicians according to a survey

Although it has declined in recent months, the positive image of the President continues to be high and has strong support for health management

Despite of growing social unrest for the consequences of the mandatory and social preventive isolation ordered by the Government as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic and the consequent aggravated economic crisis that it brought, andhe president Alberto Fernández continues with a high positive image and an important adherence of the population around health management.

This was revealed by the last survey carried out by the consultancy Clivajes between July 22 and 26 at the AMBA, to which it had access iProfessional, which detailed that the positive assessment of the Head of State amounts to 65.05%, divided between “very good” and “good”, and the negative is only 21.44%.

The President maintains a high positive image amid the pandemic

The data is supported by strong support for the health management facing the pandemic, which has been running since March. While 67.62% positively value the decisions of the national government in the context of quarantine, 77.85% of those consulted by Clivajes insisted that “the government should prioritize health” and only 11.73% considered that “The government must prioritize the economy.”

On the other hand, the governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, registered a 46.86% positive image. Although this number is high in the midst of the crisis, unlike Fernández, the Buenos Aires president presented a higher negative image, with 36.86%.

While the head of the Buenos Aires Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larretawas rated positively by 48.17% of the respondents and negatively by 26.52%.

Kicillof maintains a high positive image but the negative assessment grew

Kicillof maintains a high positive image but the negative assessment grew

The Cleavage survey was based on 1,275 cases of inhabitants of the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area, the most affected in the country by the pandemic. In that territory, the survey recorded that the main concern of the respondents is “for the health system to collapse“(44.29%).

Are we prepared to appeal to “social responsibility” in the fight against the pandemic?

In addition, the study by Consultora Clivajes evaluated how Argentines are prepared for this new stage of the quarantine proposed by the national government.

Almost 35% state that they do not agree with this measure to make quarantine more flexible, because people are not responsible with care to avoid contagion, and 31% maintain that this measure must be accompanied by greater state control over citizens, “said the Clivajes Consultant, about the results obtained.

“Versus the economy vs. discussion Health, installed since the beginning of the quarantine, we see again that 78% of our respondents do not hesitate to affirm that the national government should prioritize health, “said the surveyors.

On the other hand, from Clivajes they affirmed that “44% fear that the health system may collapse, while a 27.4% are concerned that a friend or family member may become infected

Finally, in relation to the impact that the quarantine had on the personal economy of the respondents, “a large percentage of our respondents, despite having a priority vision towards health, 35% tell us that the money is not enough to reach at the end of the month, and just over 26% say that the money is enough but he had to change consumption habits “.

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