What destinations are most chosen?

The discounts and fees event was extended after the success of the first three days. What tourist sites stand out

Financing in installments without interest and flexible products to change the dates were vital in the sale of tickets and tourist packages in the framework of the Hot Sale 2020, which now extended until Sunday, August 2 under the name of Hot week.

In this area, 40% of the transactions were financed within a range of 6 and 12 installments, with an average ticket of $ 55,500 and a total volume of operations equivalent to 35% of what was achieved in 2019, according to the Ingénico payment platform. Payments.

“This Hot Sale had a lot of sale in installments without interest, the financing helped travelers take advantage of the event to close their future vacations; accompanied by flexible products that turned out to be very convincing to close the purchase, knowing that the date can be changed original trip for a future “, indicated the marketing manager of Tije Travel.

He specified that the highest percentage of transactions was for the sale of air tickets, whose rates “have been the lowest in recent time.”

Discounts and fees revitalized the stagnant flight market.

The most chosen destinations

Take off It is one of the platforms that folded to the extension of the Hot Sale until Sunday.

Among the most chosen destinations on that platform are San Carlos de Bariloche, Ushuaia, El Calafate, Mendoza and Buenos Aires.

Internationals appear below and stand out Miami, Madrid, Cancun, Rio de Janeiro and New York. The most striking fact is the second place in the Fuegian capital, a destination that in last year’s edition only appeared in position 14. “Without a doubt, Argentines will take advantage of the natural wonders that our country offers, with prices, flexibility and financing more competitive than ever, “Cristi stresses about this phenomenon.

“In these first days of the event, we observed a clear tendency to travel around the country in this post-pandemic recovery. Among the 20 most chosen destinations, the first 7 are national, which gives us a clear perspective of how the revival of the sector will be” , explains Paula Cristi, General Manager of Despegar for Argentina and Uruguay.

“Although the interest increased with respect to the last weeks and this makes it clear that the passion for traveling of the Argentines continues intact, if we compare this Hot Sale vs that of 2019 the balance is that sales fell by 80%”, he concludes the executive.

Cabotage flights: Bariloche, Ushuaia and Mendoza among the most chosen destinations.

Cabotage flights: Bariloche, Ushuaia and Mendoza among the most chosen destinations.

Travel impacted by the pandemic

Despite this interest, the amount of ticket purchases was 20% lower than in the previous edition.

Unlike previous years, national destinations were protagonists, with 40% of sales.

The 5 most chosen national destinations in TIJE Travel were Bariloche, Ushuaia, Mendoza, Iguazu and El Calafate.

Meanwhile, the 5 international destinations corresponded to Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, Cancun, Berlin + Lisbon and Miami.

In Tije Travel the average ticket value was $ 54,600 and 30% of sales were agreed in 12 installments without interest.

In the case of International destinations, 85% of users opted for trips that would be made between the months of next December and May 2021.

While for domestic flights, the best-selling trips are dated between October and May.

In Avantrip they said that the sale of national packages payable with Ahora12 grew.

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