Today’s horoscope, Thursday July 30, 2020


Arianos will have the news on a family matter today and will be greatly relieved. It always scares us when there is a problem in the family. They could come to realize a project in the future that would give them great enthusiasm to achieve it. Hope.

Moment: copper colored.


Bullfighting mental fatigue also occurs when we are obsessed and do not stop thinking excessively things. Take time and at least look out the window, relax, take a deep breath and release your anguish. Renewal.

Moment: amethyst color.


Geminians do not decline in their projects due to the inconveniences that appear. There are always things to correct or avoid, believe in your goals. Love understood better, with more positive energy and good intention, everything improves.

Moment: cream colour.


Cancerians do not let themselves be, take advantage of your moments of good channeling of energies and point to the expected achievements. The risks that are run when one undertakes are logical, but life is always facing and seeking victory.

Moment: silver moon color.


They will feel that the heart is somewhat upset. Check the wasting of your energies in things that do not have a great sense and reason that everything can have an impact on the integral being. Take care of your emotions, help you relax and set yourself beautiful things.

Moment: light green.


Do not rush to jump to conclusions and wait for responses on the activity level. The unpleasantness produced by discussions or controversies on the emotional level, leads us to feel bad and sad. Solve by talking.

Moment: Pink color.


Librians romanticism at its best. Today is a day in which affections and purity of feelings will dictate the course of the day. Full health, rejuvenate sensations that they thought lost. Enthusiasm and a lot of tranquility.

Moment: strawberry color.


Scorpios achieving things in the short term is not always possible. Do not be afraid of not being able to settle down or achieve the tranquility that gives us being on the plane of activities. Everything comes. Love and internal reunion with someone from the past.

Moment: emerald green.


Sagittarians, sometimes there is a little arrogance in attitudes, check that out and put your best spiritual dose into the daily exercise of life. Apply your intelligence to a proposal that can come from the hands of acquaintances. Don’t be in a hurry. Day to think.

Moment: Brown color.


Goats, there is a part of you that forces you to take on responsibilities that you really don’t feel like taking on. Take the liberty of belonging and doing what you feel like, outside of the claims of others. Freshness.

Moment: aquamarine.


Aquarians review those who wish to propose their ideas to carry out their projects. One thing is friendship and another is the exact capacity for each thing. There are some issues of needing more love in your partners. Relax.

Moment: wine color.


Try not to dwell so much on details or doubts that could delay your projects. Very helpful conversations are underway with people in your work environment. Love on this Jupiterian journey giving them joys and warmth.

Moment: magenta.