The funny scene of a dog when he opens the door to let his owner in

Those who have pets like to train them to learn new skills, especially within the house space. And then of course what follows is show achievements to the rest of humanity.

Thus, several examples of these skills can be seen in the cyber world.

In the case of dogs, some know uncover the food jar to look for a bite, others they can turn on the TV, there are who They close a window or look for their straps in the right place to go for a walk.

Anyway, like these, there are many examples in the mascoteras families.

In this case, Firulais takes the leading role, a dog that knows how to open the front door of the house and is filmed by a woman when she heeds his call. Grace won more than 85 thousand likes on Tik Tok.

The scene is crowned by the pet’s face when you look with puzzled the owner, who far from celebrating the ability, challenges him because “he did not ask who he is.”