Mauricio Macri travels to France with his family

Mauricio Macri will rest with his family in Paris (File photo)

Former President Mauricio Macri travels to Paris, France, with his family. Aeronautical sources confirmed to Infobae that the former president, his wife Juliana Awada and their daughter, Antonia, were the last three people to board flight AF 229 of the Air France company that will land at Charles de Gaulle airport.

The leader of Together for Change not only asked to be the last to board the aircraft, he also requested a quick and discreet passage through the Immigration and Customs offices. However, it did not use any of the vip waiting rooms that the airport has.

From their environment they explained that Macri’s final destination is Switzerland, where he will have an agenda of activities related to his role as president of the FIFA Foundation.. That nation requires American visitors to a prior 14-day quarantine in Europe. During those two weeks, the former president will take the opportunity to enjoy Paris with his family. You are not obliged to stay locked in the hotel: you can walk while respecting the health recommendations that govern the coronavirus pandemic.

The days of the former president in Europe will not only be of rest and vacations: in his travel bag he carried the two final chapters of his biography, in which his former Minister of Culture has been working for several months, Pablo Avelluto, and the journalist Hernán Iglesias Illia.

The same sources announced that the family plans to return to Argentina on September 8. Once in Buenos Aires, the three must complete another 14-day quarantine, but this time locked up in their home in San Isidro, as long as the characteristics of the quarantine are not changed by then.

The former president flies on Air France
The former president flies on Air France (CHRISTIAN HARTMANN /)

Macri’s last public appearance was 14 days ago, in Paraguay. He traveled to lunch with former President Horacio Cartés and to meet with current President Mario Abdo Benítez. After his return, he served 14 days in isolation at his villa in Los Abrojos. There was controversy because the leader first stayed at his home in the Conurbano and then moved to the historic family residence.

He had previously granted an interview to the Peruvian journalist Álvaro Vargas Llosa, where he questioned the progress of the national government on the liberties of people in the midst of the quarantine.

“I am closer to the Argentines than ever. I am trying to give a space to the government that was chosen by 48% of Argentines to put into play what they think, their proposals, their solutions. I’m just (trying to) raise my hand and say ‘careful, don’t advance on our freedoms, do things on what is the institutional framework’“He declared.

Mauricio Macri, on freedoms (Infobae)