La Nación launched a plan to promote investments in ventures

La Nación launched a program to promote productive investments to support entrepreneurs.

The initiative is from the Ministry of Productive Development of the Nation and has the support of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Mining of the Province, to enhance its arrival in the productive sector of Córdoba.

The program allows investors to deduct 75% of their investments in ventures from Income Tax, as long as the amount does not exceed 10% of their net annual profit. If it is exceeded, the surplus can be deducted in the next five fiscal years.

Stimulate capital

Regarding this initiative, Minister Eduardo Accastello stated: “It is a program carried out by the Secretariat for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Entrepreneurs. With this program all natural or legal persons can invest, directly or through an Entrepreneurial Capital Institution; in investments that imply an increase in the capital of an enterprise and be of financial assets or that can be settled in terms of up to 24 hours and in local currency ”.

Referring to the potential of this program, the official indicated: “We are going to disseminate it from the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Mining, because it is very forceful and solid and, as a way of promoting the productive sector of Córdoba,” he emphasized and explained: “In the Ministry we have a specific advisory unit for this type of program. We have expectations that it will be successful and help us to get out of this situation due to the pandemic faster.”


The objectives of this initiative are, on the one hand, to promote investments in Cordovan entrepreneurship projects, aimed at innovation in products and processes and incorporating technology, to make them more competitive and sustainable. And, on the other hand, to stimulate entrepreneurs, their human and creative capital, to move forward as part of the economic and productive fabric of the Province.

For his part, the Secretary for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Entrepreneurs of the Nation, Guillermo Merediz, stated: “It is one more tool that we make available to encourage investment in entrepreneurial projects that generate added value, allow job creation and also contribute to the productive development of the country. “

The national official expressed: “We aim to stimulate productive investment that will make new projects in strategic sectors more dynamic, support the creation of companies and make a commitment to the country”, and explained that: “Investments have already been approved for the same number of projects than last year, despite the pandemic situation, and we aim to improve the tool to continue stimulating innovative developments and technological solutions. “

Interested organizations and investors must register with the Register of Entrepreneurial Capital Institutions (Rice) on the site