Dollar today: the blue remains unchanged, at 135 pesos


On Friday, the blue first played 140 pesos. (Reuters) (Rick Wilking /)

This Thursday the blue dollar continues offered at 135 pesos for sale in a small marginal market. The last friday, the free dollar closed at $ 139, after hitting a maximum of 140 pesos.

The informal ticket holds an increase of 7.1% or nine pesos so far in July and accumulate a 79.4% profit in 2020while maintaining a 87% gap with the official wholesale dollar, close to 100 percent reached in May.

The dollar wholesaler is listed this Thursday at $ 72.26 with an increase of just six cents a day. Since 2020 began, the official exchange rate has maintained an increase of 20.7 percent.

The amount traded in the spot segment was meager 137.6 million of dollars. Private estimates encrypt in a range from 20 to 30 million dollars the sales made by the Central Bank during the session.

Gustavo Quintana, PR Corredores de Cambio agent commented that “in the lowest volume wheel operated in July, the US currency operated with a dcalls for something firmer that required official assistance to meet authorized purchase orders ”.

Wholesale turnover was the lowest in July and the Central Bank had to sell foreign currency to meet demand

The Economist Gustavo Ber He considered that the wholesale dollar “continues to respect the constant slippage that the BCRA validates. Beyond the ‘Gaps’ go through a stage of greater lateralization, after the last bullish rearrangement, the operators are still worried about the risks associated with strong monetary issuance, especially after the pandemic, on the dynamics of inflation and the dollar ”.

The central bank’s international reserves fell by about USD 20 million on Wednesday to $ 43,388 million. The monetary entity accumulates throughout July a negative net balance of about USD 400 million for his cash interventions.

The dollars implicit in the stock market offer a slight upward trend, with a MEP dollar is operated around 117 pesos and the cash settlement close to 119 pesos.

At the moment, financial dollars remain stable in the last week of the month, “he said. Investments Personal Portfolio. “The gaps with respect to the official continue at levels of 63/60%. Going forward, no significant reduction in the gap is expected while there is still an excess of pesos in the economy and without a specific economic program that allows adjusting the fiscal accounts, “he added.

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