Do you want to go to the drive-in quarantine ?: this you have to know

You can enter one hour before the movie begins and the vehicle may be occupied according to its regulatory capacity

He first drive-in movie theater in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA) located in the San Isidro party held a function on Wednesday in avant premiere for the press and This Friday it will open to the public, within the framework of preventive and compulsory isolation due to the pandemic of coronavirus.

It will work in Sebastián Elcano 1718, in the town of Martínez, enabled by the Municipality to place screens outdoors in a building with a capacity for 60 cars.

The public, meanwhile, can now purchase the ticket through the Autocine Al Río page.

The value of the entry is 1,200 pesos per vehicle and the entrance to the drive-in theater will be controlled by the patent of each car.

You can enter one hour before the movie and, according to the protocol of the San Isidro administration, the vehicle can be occupied according to its regulatory capacity.

Regarding the audio, it was reported that it will be heard through the car radio, on a frequency that will be indicated by the organizers.

Regarding the language, two FM radio tunings will be available: one with the original language with subtitles and the other in Spanish.

On the billboard are “Barry Seal: America Only”; “1917”; “How to train your dragon 3”; “An abominable friend”; “Fast and Furious: Hobbs vs. Shaw”; “World War Z”; “Obvlivion: the time of oblivion”; “Yesterday”; “Rocketman”; “Doctor Dolittle”; and “Jurasic world: Jurassic World”.

Gastronomic offer and protocol

In addition to the film, the public will be able to enjoy a wide gastronomic offer It includes American hot dog, pork, hamburgers, sandwiches, salads, popcorn, coffee, soda and lemonade.

The prices The menus range from 350 pesos to 650 and orders to the drive-in restaurant will be made via WhatsApp.

Burgers will be among the gastronomic offerings

The qualification includes the “Sanitary Protocol of Hygiene and Security, Sanitary Emergency Covid-19 for the activity of Open air Drive-in Cinemas in the Municipality of San Isidro “, according to which” the drive-in cinema service may be provided whenever the climatic conditions allow it, and in case the rains or storms persist, the presentations must be suspended “.

It also states that “if two or more functions are provided per day, they must be programmed in such a way that allows cleaning of the premises and toilets

It also establishes that “the space between two rows of demarcated garages, with parking at 90 °, may not be less than 5 meters from the front and 2 meters from the side”.

The gastronomy service “will be implemented through a system by which orders, delivery and collection are carried out in such a way that the occupants of the vehicles do not descend from them,” the protocol indicates, among other issues.

It already works in La Pampa

At the middle of the month cinema reopened in La Pampa, in what was the first day under the drive-in mode, organized by a local businessman and the Culture area of ​​the municipality of Santa Rosa, in the Don Tomas lagoon, within the framework of a program that includes the projection of a series of films over the long weekend.

“With theaters closed more than a hundred days ago, we are very grateful that thought was given to join efforts to alleviate our economic-financial situation, in an undertaking in which the State converges, in this case the municipality; the businessmen of the cinema or exhibitors and the local gastronomic SMEs for four days since this will help us to generate resources for all, “said cinema businessman Walter Geringer, asked about this proposal.


Since the beginning of the month the drive-in theater has also been operating in La Pampa

The staging is located in the Laguna Don Tomás property, the only aquifer space in the city and the largest recreation center, in which two films were screened in drive-in mode.

The proposal at first surprised both locals and strangers, due to the cold and the certainly new features for the new generations, however it caught on quickly and what would seem “could work”, ended up being a success because all the tickets corresponding to the availability of the place were sold out, at a value of one thousand pesos per car.

In this cinéfela adventure, which will undoubtedly be engraved in the personal history of each of the participants in the large screen, the sound of each of the films is added, which must be tuned in to the frequency of the FM Municipal 94.7.

For this event, public toilets and a gastronomy service which can be accessed through WhatsApp with hamburgers, pizzas, sandwiches, ice creams, coffee that will be delivered to each car.

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