Coronavirus in Argentina | San Miguel: 16 residents of a nursing home who had evacuated due to a positive case died

They died 16 residents of a nursing home from San Miguel who had been evacuated after detecting a positive case of coronavirus. Of the victims, at least six were confirmed with a positive swab, and it remains to be seen whether the other 10 were infected. The owners of the place and the relatives denounce that the sanitary measures in the transfer of patients were not respected.

The evacuation operation was the first week of July at the Bello Horizonte home, where they were staying 40 older adults.

The relatives criminally denounced the municipal authorities who carried out the transfer of the patients, which they rated as “disorganized and inhuman”. “It was not done in stages, it was untimely,” said the owner of the place in dialogue with TN.

Relatives of the victims carried out a criminal complaint at UFI No. 4 in San Martín against members of the Municipality of San Miguel, whom they indicated as guilty of a disorganized and “inhuman” operation in which Sanitary measures were not respected.

Veronica Nogueira, Owner of the place, assured that they could have isolated all the older adults in the same home without the need to transfer them to hospitals or special centers, as the Municipality decided. “When the first case was detected, there were 40 residents and we had the possibility of everyone staying here while we waited for the swab results,” he explained.

He reported that 16 residents died and indicated that only six of them detected coronaviruses. “It is not known at what point they were infected because only one of them came out with COVID-19 here. The isolation was done preventively, possibly they were infected where they were taken,” he said. The causes of death of the other 10 older adults are still unknown.

“From the 1st to the 3rd of July the place was operated by municipal health personnel. I suppose they have had the decency to send people who are not infected, but I have no proof of that. They intervened the place without anything written “, the woman stated.

Meanwhile, the relatives claimed that they never received an official medical report, that the transfer was made on the coldest days of the year, that the residents did not receive the medication they needed, and that when they saw them again, they were in terrible condition.

The daughter of a woman who was staying at the place said that on July 1 they called her to notify her that the municipal staff was in charge of the home. “I approached the afternoon, asked about my mom and she took care of me a transit employee who told me she was fine, “he said.

“Later I started calling my mom’s place and cell phone, but no one answered me. I realized that they didn’t know who it was. I had to send them a photo so they could identify it “, he claimed. In addition, he said that he never knew if during the time they were in charge of the adults they took care of the corresponding care.

The families decided to report the situation to the Justice for an investigation to begin. “There were many irregularities in the procedure. We saw the municipal health secretary who came and went with street clothes, without hesitation in sanitizing himself and putting on the appropriate thing, “he assured.

“There is a woman who had to call her daughter to tell her that she was not bathed, cleaned or changed. The treatment was inhumane, nobody deserves it and someone has to take responsibility “, claimed.