Check out the ranking of the 10 smartest dog breeds

He neuropsychologist Stanley Coren carried out a research and classification work based on the capacity and abilities of dogs.

According to the specialist, there is a adaptive intelligence, that allows solving situations, and a instinctive intelligence, which is rather innate. It also talks about spatial, kinesthetic, interpersonal and emotional intelligence.

In his book The intelligence of the dogs, Coren presented the results of a long survey 199 dog obedience judges.

From hereí emerge the 10 most intelligent races, whose ranking is based on speed of learning a new order and in obedience at least 95% of the time:

1- Border collie

2- Poodle

3- German shepherd

4- Golden retriever

5-Doberman pinscher

6-Shetland Sheepdog

7-Labrador retriever

8- Papillon


10-Australian Cattle Shepherd