Alberto Fernández: “The Supreme Court is malfunctioning”

President Alberto Fernández recognized that the reform aims to modify the operation of the highest court in the country
President Alberto Fernández recognized that the reform aims to modify the operation of the highest court in the country

President Alberto Fernández recognized that one of the main objectives of the judicial reform presented yesterday is to modify the functioning of the Supreme Court of Justice, the highest authority of one of the powers of the State, although he took off from the idea of ​​expanding his membership.

All my life I have said that the problem is not in the number of members of the Court. The Court can function with five members, but as it is now, it is malfunctioning“, Assured in dialogue with the journalist Reynaldo Sietecase in radio With You.

With this premise, he convened a council of specialists who will raise proposals to move forward with the reform of the highest court, however, voices have already begun to rise about the unconstitutionality of the measure, which represents the advance of a state power over this. Today, for example, the constitutionalist Daniel Sabsay stated: “If that’s not a pressure, what is it? Imagine if the Court creates a commission to reform the Executive Branch. It would be a scandal

The president, in his presentation, argued why he did not consider the discussion of the number of members of the Court a priority issue: “In the same speech I gave yesterday, I remembered that when I was chief of staff for Néstor Kirchner, he resolved at the request of a bill presented by Cristina Kirchner to reduce the Supreme Court from nine to five. We had the opportunity to name two candidates who were vacant and we resigned from naming them. When I say that the functioning of the Court must be reviewed, I am not talking about the number of members

Fernández, who during the interview recognized himself as a man who cultivated Law and who taught more than thirty years ago, said that all he wants is for Justice to work differently: “A lot of things have been said, but the truth is that up to here all we did was send a bill, we did not sign a decree of necessity and urgency. We created a commission to analyze other justice problems, which are very technical problems. That commission will have more than ninety days to issue. Everything I am going to do is going to Congress. ”

He explained, in turn, that he wants to do is appoint “worthy judges”: “I am not making a division of judges, how many are you and how many are I?. That is not what I am doing. ” “The only thing I set myself are limits so that no one doubts,” interpreted Alberto Fernández, who in a tone that evidenced his annoyance at the controversy generated by the judicial reform appealed to rhetorical questions: “Why do we fall into these debates if what we are trying is that this works in another way? Can anyone tell me that the Federal Justice has acted well for the last twenty years? The one who says yes is a cynic.

This Thursday, the head of state argued why he intends to move forward with a modification of the court. “When you speak to lawyers and judges, you come across a lot of shortcomings that are huge. For example, the extraordinary appeal is governed by Law 48 and we go by Law 30 thousand. Do you realize how old that resource is?“, I ask.

According to the president’s gaze, all the instruments that have expanded the Court’s jurisdiction must be reviewed for issues that should be resolved by lower levels.

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