The 5 products that Argentines buy the most

The high sales volume of the event shows that both companies and users are taking advantage of these three days and evaluating the offers

Within the framework of the second day of Online sales, the Argentine Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CACE) reported that 3 million users were registered nationwide through the official website of Hot Sale 2020.

This is a new record of visits, with 50% more than the first 24 hours in the 2019 edition.

The organizer of the e-commerce event spoke with some of the participating companies and put together a how sales by sector are developing and what are the products that are selling the most.

Electro and Techno: the most wanted category

During the first hours of the event, the companies consulted stated that they registered 30% more units sold versus the first day of Hot Sale 2019. This shows the great interest that consumers have in buying and searching for discounts on this type of product.

“The volume of sales averaging the event shows us that both companies and users are taking advantage of these three days and evaluating the offers. This action is an opportunity that we Argentines have to buy a wide variety of products with financing facilities in pesos and in quotas “, says Gustavo Sambucetti, institutional director of CACE.

Top 5 of the products that the sector is selling the most

  • Cell phones and accessories
  • Televisions, audio and video
  • Appliances and Air Conditioners
  • Notebooks and Tablets
  • Personal care appliances

Appliances are on the top pick when it comes to technology.

Clothing: footwear and sportswear, the most chosen

As reported by companies in the dress, sales have a similar growth to that of Electro and Tecno, with 30% more in the number of units sold compared to the first day of Hot Sale 2019.

“From the sector, they are very happy with the results they are obtaining in this Hot Sale. Companies have detected interest in users and are taking advantage of the event to recover the activity that was reduced in this context,” added Sambucetti.

Top 5 products

  • Womenswear
  • Men’s clothes
  • Non-sports and sports shoes
  • Sportswear
  • Children’s clothes

Best discounts

The discounts in the seventh edition of the Hot Sale 2020 they are around 26%, according to a survey of the offers made by the Argentine Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CACE).

The travel sector takes the lead with strong discounts.

The travel sector takes the lead of the Hot Sale 2020 with strong discounts.

According to the report, which also included the Faculty of Sociology of the University of Buenos Aires, categories with best discounts They are:

  • Travel (30% average)
  • Cosmetics and Beauty (29%)
  • Babies and Children (29%)
  • Clothing and Footwear (26%)
  • Food and drinks (26%).

Shopping in the Hot Sale: how to avoid surprises

The seventh edition of the Hot sale Annual organized by the Argentine Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CACE) may not be the first experience for consumers already used to the modality of online shopping, but with face-to-face purchases restricted by a long quarantine and the offers expected at an event in which this year more than 700 bidding companies will participate, for many others it may be the first time in the world of non-face-to-face purchasesThat is why it is recommended:

Verify that the web pages where you want to buy are safe: the site address must start with “https: //”


It is important to read all the information in the publication, including the fine print

Investigate previously, look for references, compare prices and the price / quality / quantity ratio.

– Knowing the details of the seller or the company provides greater security to the purchase and is used to make a complaint in case of having any problem.

– Once the purchase is decided, it is important to read all the information of the publication, including the fine print.

– During these dates there are usually different types of promotions: If it says “Promotion valid while supplies last” or “Limited quantities”, the units available must be reported; if they offer a discount, the previous price should be clarified, and in the case of the 2 × 1, the unit price should be clarified.

– Companies have to clearly inform all the information about the shipment: who does it, what is the cost, what is the delivery time.

Payment and receipt: what you need to know

At the time of payment, there can be no price difference between cash, debit and credit in a payment; When making the payment by credit card, observe the available installment options, whether or not they have interest and what is the percentage of interest.

Once the purchase is completed, the supplier must send the electronic invoice or proof of payment.


When the purchase occurs, the supplier must send the electronic invoice or proof of payment

The delivery time is part of the offer and must be respected: The company must provide a tracking number on the shipment and give you correct attention to your queries.

All products have a legal guarantee; if the product is new, it is six months, and if it is used three; the supplier may offer a longer term, but not less than that established by law.

If the purchase is made online, the buyer has a period of 10 days from receipt of the product to regret the purchase; The company must inform this right before carrying it out.

Where to complain if there is a problem

In the event of any inconvenience with the purchase, you can claim: The direct supplier and the electronic sales platform must receive the claims, give a respectful treatment without discrimination or bad ways, and offer solutions.

If the consumer is not satisfied with the company’s response, you can enter your claim through the National Directorate for the Defense of Consumers on the web form

At the time of delivery it must be verified that the product is in good condition. The consumer has a period of three days from receipt to claim for defects in quantity, quality or apparent defects.

It is important, once the transaction is completed, to control the summary of the credit card, since if there is an error there is a period of 30 days to question it. The invoice and delivery note must be kept, documents necessary to make claims.

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