“Pato” Borghetti denied that Grettell Valdez’s husband is in prison

Patricio Borghetti specified the information released regarding the husband of Grettell Valdez, his former partner and mother of his son Santino (Photo: Instagram Patoborghetti)

The presenter Patricio “Pato” Borghetti denied that Leo Clerc, the husband of Grettel Valdez, is imprisoned in Switzerland.

During a segment of the program Come joy Blond Flower He spoke with his partner about the version that emerged this Tuesday afternoon.

And it is that in the program Selling Swiss businessman and model reported to be in jail after being sentenced to 18 months in prison on an accusation of fraud and money laundering.

In the issuance of Aztec TV made sure that the prosecutor in the case was lenient to Clerc because he returned 40 thousand out of a million 700 thousand Swiss francs that he and his ex-partner had fraudulently obtained for five years through forgery of credit cards.

Borghetti recounted some details of the legal situation of her ex's husband
Borghetti recounted some details of the legal situation of her ex’s husband

However, Borghetti commented that the situation is not like that.

“Duck”, who was Grettell’s husband and has a son (Santino, born 2008), He explained that several media tried to contact him to know his version, but decided that he would only discuss the case in Come the joy.

“As it is a delicate subject, I prefer not to get too involved, what I can tell you is that yesterday I spoke with Gretell, she is a little affected by how the information was given, but calm down, “Borghetti told Flor Rubio.

“What I can confirm is that Leo is not in prison, This is not something I can or cannot believe, this I know because he has been talking to Santino via FaceTime ”, he pointed out.

Pato was able to speak to both Grettell and her husband
Pato was able to speak to both Grettell and her husband

Borghetti was very careful when touching the subject, because he explained that there are legal questions that he cannot get into. I accept that yes “there is a situation” that Clerc “is solving”, but insisted that the businessman “He is not in prison, because yesterday he spoke to me from Switzerland, a little embarrassed, anguished, to tell me a bit about the situation, so that I could stay calm as Santino’s father ”.

According to Pato, Clerc told him that everything that is being said about him is not true. “He is not in prison, he does have a situation that he is solving.”

He also said that the employer can leave Switzerland at any time, and it is that a recent testimony of Gretell, regarding that her husband was stranded in that country, served to reinforce the history of the confinement in prison.

Grettell Valdez and Leo Clerc (Photo: Instagram @ grettellv)
Grettell Valdez and Leo Clerc (Photo: Instagram @ grettellv)

“My husband is trapped in Switzerland. Could not reach my birthday, which is sad … Three weeks or four weeks (I do not see it), the truth is that I do not want to think because the airline does not even tell you when the return is, “said the actress to segment The Break at 7 of the Univision network.

But in this morning’s interview with Come the joy, Borghetti assured that Clerc “You can leave Switzerland, you could return to Mexico whenever you want at the same time that he continues to attend the hearings on this problem that he has to solve ”.

The presenter commented that his ex-wife already knew of the legal situation of the businessman, but did not expect the way in which he would make himself known in Mexico.

“She already knew, it was something that he and she had discussed And yes, obviously it is out of fashion because of how it was handled that he is imprisoned in jail, because it is not true. “

They got married in December 2018
They got married in December 2018

Gretell Valdez and Leo Clerc were married in December 2018 in Acapulco.

The link was a surprise, as they kept the details of the celebration secret and it was Gretell herself who announced that she was already married through some publications on her social networks.

For now, Valdez has not commented on the legal situation of her husband, since her most recent posts on Instagram have to do with some exercise routines that she has done and also a post where she showed off her figure in a bikini.


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