Mercado Libre and other large firms, accused of “misleading offers” during the Hot Sale

The Undersecretary of Actions for the Defense of Consumers (SSADC), which reports to the Secretariat of Internal Trade of the Ministry of Productive Development of the Nation, initiated investigations ex officio to several companies that participate in the Hot Sale for promoting misleading offers.

As reported in an official part, the firms will be investigated for breaching the Consumer Defense Law No. 24,240.

Among the accused companies are Mercado Libre, Sodimar, Wallmart, The Toy World, Frávega, Netshoes, Dexter, Philco, Cetrogar, Al Mundo, Despegar, Garbarino, Suavestar, Jumbo, Red Megatone, Movistar and Personal.

In the statement they point out that Personal, Movistar, Red Megatone, Jumbo and Suavestar offer products at the Hot Sale at the same prices as the previous week, while Garbarino publishes the price of the product at a higher value than it had before the Hot Sale, therefore the offer does not truly reduce the price.

Companies accused of misleading offers in the Hot Sale (Archive).

“In these cases, it is presumed that the companies are not complying with their obligations and would provide uncertain information, since they would not be exclusive and new offers, misleading consumers due to the fact that the online sales event is promoted in based on that users will be able to find exclusive discounts for the most important electronic commerce brands in the country ”, they indicated from the Ombudsman’s Office.

The manipulation of the reference prices prior to the Hot Sale was detected in Cetrogar, Philco, Dexter, Netshoes, Frávega, The world of toys, Wallmart and Sodimac.

Trips without comparison

In the case of the Despegar and Al Mundo companies, the complaint indicates that they offer tourist services without specifying the previous price of those same packages, “violating the right to certain, clear and detailed information that consumers must possess,” they said. .

The firms were accused of providing uncertain information regarding the real prices and discounts offered in Hot Sale, considering that they mislead the perception of the offer.

Mercado Libre, meanwhile, was charged for mentioning company offers on its portal, which exceeds the intermediation between suppliers and consumers, incorporating the Hot Sale promotion so that consumers can access a list of stores and products. “You are responsible for the information on your site regarding the previous prices of the products and their reliability since, otherwise, the good faith of the consumer who trusts the portal and the promotions that the firm disseminates would be affected. “Specifies the statement.

Captured and notified

The Secretariat attached in each file screenshots of the offers in force last week and those issued in the framework of the Hot Sale. The allegations were notified on July 28, and the firms have five business days to make their releases.

The fines can reach 5 million pesos.

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