Marcos Juárez’s industry returns to productive activity

The Emergency Operations Center (COE) decided to make the isolation measures that it had ordered in Marcos Juárez flexible, which will allow industries to return to activity starting tomorrow, Wednesday.

The measure was taken after the claim made on Tuesday by the metallurgical sector, by asking the provincial health authorities to return to production.

July 8 was the last day that companies were open. After Independence Day and the bridge holiday, the productive sector was unable to return to work due to an outbreak of coronavirus.

At the time, there were 27 people infected with the Covid-19 virus, but according to the daily report from the provincial government yesterday there were four cases in that city in the southeast of Córdoba.

Surprise in Marcos Juárez for the sudden outbreak

The Córdoba Chamber of Metallurgical Industries and Components (Cimcc) issued a statement on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter on Tuesday, stating that, after 20 days without activity, the private sector needs to return to work.

Marcos Juárez has 37 industries, most of them metallurgical, with approximately 1,400 workers, according to the entity.

“The sanitary, local and provincial authorities successfully carried out their task and that focus was encapsulated. Although we cannot relax for a minute, we must act quickly to contain the economic damage, “he said.

Entrepreneurs hoped to obtain authorization to return to the activity today, but until now they had no definitions.

“Industrial activity should start tomorrow as promised. This announcement must be made today so that this avoids wasting one more day since notifying our staff takes time, “he warned.

In this framework, the Cimcc claimed “not to continue causing unnecessary deterioration in this community and in the entire region,” and recalled that most of the infections are caused by social gatherings and not by productive activity.

In this regard, the COE ordered flexibility “under compliance with the protocol and relevant biosafety measures,” as established in the resolution issued today.