Coronavirus in Argentina | From Monday it will be compulsory to reserve a place on the Roca train

Starting next Monday, Roca train users must reserve a place to travel during rush hour. The procedure can be done through the application “Book your train”, specially designed for this.

The app is the software tool that allows Reserve a seat to people authorized to be essential workers, so that they can travel while respecting social distancing during Preventive and Mandatory Social Isolation.

Those who travel on the line that connects the stations of the La Plata branch with Plaza Constitución, in the direction of the City of Buenos Aires between 6 and 10 on business days from Monday, August 3.

The president of Trenes Argentinos Martín Marinucci He assured: “The Roca line is the one that transports the most people in the AMBA region and with this tool we seek avoid crowds to guarantee that our passengers can move respecting social distancing. “

“This application is a tool developed by workers of Trenes Argentinos to improve and streamline the way of traveling, that we have already managed to implement in four of the five lines that operate in the AMBA, and shortly we will reach its entirety with the Belgrano Sur line, “he added.

In addition to the 20 services that run between 6 and 10 in the branches that connect La Plata with Constitución, in the direction of the City, Trenes Argentinos has already implemented the reservation on the lines San Martín, Sarmiento and the Tigre del Miter branch.

The control of the QR code or numeric code will be in charge of the company staff and, along with the reservation, the person traveling must also have the movement certificate enabled and the SUBE card.

How to do the procedure

The process of booking the place on the train can be done five days in advance, for five consecutive days and in four different ways: through the “Book your train” app for Argentine Trains (available on Android and IOS), from the web, the page of Argentine Trains or the Call Center 0-800-222-8736 (TRAIN).

The reservation will be processed from choice of origin stations, destination and the day and time of the transfer. Once the operation is done, the system will issue a QR code and a processing number that will allow the user access.

Upon arrival at the railway stop and before the passage of pinwheels registering the SUBE card, essential traveling personnel must present the code to the employee who will be assigned to supervise the authorizations.

In case the chosen service is not listed due to unavailability, the system will automatically offer the previous and subsequent trains.

In case of reserving a place that will not be finally used, it is important that the person traveling cancellation of the procedure to allow another passenger to take it.