Coronavirus | Hairdressers reopened in the City after four months: what is the protocol like?

After four months with the doors closed, the hairdressers of the City of Buenos Aires resumed the activity from this Wednesday. They did it under strict protocol of hygiene and prevention, in the midst of pandemic.

With a completely new work methodology and dynamics, hairdressers aspire that the return to activity can give them a break after the inactive months and with practically zero income. “In our case we had to close one of the three premises, but we did not fire any employee, “Leo, owner of a salon located in Aráoz and Santa Fe, told TN.

“We were very anxious. We made a great effort to get here. This is the only thing we know how to do and we believe that we will move forward“he added.

Like all the activities that are resumed during the quarantine, they must do it under a protocol endorsed by the Buenos Aires authorities. The system previous shifts and the impossibility of waiting inside the premises are some of the fundamental points to guarantee social distance.

“The temperature is taken when entering and all clients make a minimum affidavit. They leave the garment and only they manipulate their coat,” Leo said about some of the measures implemented. “They must also leave the chinstrap they bring and here we give you a new one, which is disposable. The staff uses masks and a protective mask, “he explained.

The disinfection and care, are also part of the designed regulations, to which, according to the economic possibilities, each hairdresser may add initiatives. “It will be like an operating room, the client has to be calm,” said the stylist.

The protocol

Attention only with previous shift. Both the hairdresser and the client must bring mask. In case of wearing a coat, it must be stored with a plastic protector before reception.

-Each hairdresser will attend one customer at a time and there will be no companions.

-The client shall sanitize hands before starting and must remain throughout the treatment with the face mask on.

-A space of 15 square meters for each client.

-The stylist must have their own working material: a clean tool kit with combs, scissors, clips, brush or hair products.

-Packages should be cleaned and disinfected after each use with a customer. Before applying a product with your hands, the stylist should wash them.

-The products cannot be shared during the service between hairdressers who are serving different clients.

-The opening and closing hours may be between 11 and 21.

-You can offer bottled water. In case of having a water dispenser, it should be disinfected every 2 hours.

-The salon must inform the client about the ways of prevention, and add visible signs in the establishment, with updated information on prevention methods for the COVID- 19. In addition, they must keep the waiting places marked to guarantee a distance of 1.5 meters between the worker and the client and between clients. If possible, partitions will be placed to separate customers and various waste baskets.