“You are not alone”: they received help and now they offer virtual classes for the boys

Another mission of Daniel Malnatti that ends in the best way. Last week Jorge moved us all when he gave Fabrizzio’s family a water heater in Ezeiza. Immediately Messages rained down so I could give him a hand, which revealed that it continued to pay it in installments.

But he continued to surprise us, he just asked people to donate that money that they offered to the NGO that helped in dining rooms. Already there a new story begins because Malnatti went to see “For the boys”, which is an organization that maintains 22 dining rooms. Jorge’s request was transformed into 45 donations that totaled $ 39,000.

We visit “La Fiorella”, one of the dining rooms that feeds 56 boys daily in Villa Inflamable. “Every day is worse,” says the man who runs the dining room and thanks for the help that had just come. In addition to feeding the boys, they deliver food boxes to hundreds of families. “We need two or three more Jorge who spread this gesture of solidarity”, one of the members of the NGO says with laughter.

But this does not end here, because it is precisely a chain of solidarity. Those who received the mountain of aid now want to return it. And for this they offer virtual classes for the boys in their houses since several of them are professionals and can help in Mathematics or Language, for example. The slogan is, now you have to know which is the new link in the chain. If you need help or want to offer it, you can do it to WhatsApp Telenoche, he 11-5261-1313.