When does this benefit enrollment begin?

Unlike its previous versions, this time the ATP will not have distinctions by region, as ordered by the national government.

Before the end of this week, the Government will open registration for companies to sign up for the ATP 4 program, by which the State pays a portion of workers’ wages in companies in crisis due to the pandemic.

The idea of ​​the Executive is that the cross-linking of data is delayed between a week and ten daysTherefore, the accreditations of salaries should take place by mid-August.

Unlike its previous versions, this time the ATP will not have distinctions by region. It will be valid throughout the country, regardless of whether the districts are in social isolation.

It will continue to recognize up to the equivalent of two minimum wages for those sectors called “critical” –tourism, restaurants, gyms, culture and sports– while it will have a cap of 1.5 minimum wage ($ 25,300) for the rest of the activities.

The way to qualify in the program corresponding to the july wages It will be the demonstration that the turnover of June 2020 was lower than that of June 2019 in nominal terms.

Nor will the companies of more than 800 workers (those that represented 0.1% of the total of the beneficiaries in the previous phase).

Thus, SMEs and companies with up to 800 workers whose turnover has been negative nominal (sales drop without considering inflation) in the comparison between June 2020 and the same month of 2019 will receive the complementary salary – regardless of the geographical area where they are located. settled- by up to the equivalent of one and a half Minimum, Vital and Mobile Wages (SMVM).

State aid may only be used to pay wages. How many companies will you reach in this fourth stage of the ATP?

That is, the State will help with up to $ 25,312 for each employee to these companies that, as the price increase is not contemplated, are those that have brutal sales drop.

In any case, for firms considered “critical” – that is, in worse conditions than the previous ones – such as tourism, entertainment, culture, some of health and sports, the complementary salary will remain 2 minimum wages ($ 33,750).

In this case, assistance is for both companies minus 800 employees as for the largest.

Soft credits

Companies whose nominal turnover is null or positive up to 30% comparing June of this year with June 2019 may request a guaranteed credit and subsidized by the national administration.

The aim is to prevent companies from continuing to deepen the crisis

In this way, the national State seeks to prevent companies from continuing to deepen the crisis

For companies that have invoiced between 0% and 10% more than in June of last year, the interest rate of the credits will be 0%.

Meanwhile, if the fyear-on-year performance it increased between 11% and 20%, the rate will be 7.5%; while in companies where turnover has increased between 21% to 30%, the interest rate will be 15 percent per year.

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