They hope that Hot Sale will summon more than 400 thousand visitors in Córdoba

The Hot Sale has many chances in Córdoba to overcome the barrier of 400 thousand visitors.

Last year, the record was 330 thousand visitors and only on the first day of Monday, 255 thousand sailors concentrated in the province.

The event, organized by the Argentine Chamber of Electronic Commerce (Cace), offers discounts on average of 26 percent for internet purchases in more than 711 companies, of which 38 are from Cordoba.

“If this trend continues, it will exceed 400,000 from Cordoba,” said Mateo Navarra, director of the Córdoba de Cace commission.

The first data on provincial demand shows that 68 percent of visits were women, when the female average in the country was 63 percent.

But the surprising fact is that 20 percent are people from the age of 55, a segment of the population that did not buy before.

Both the record of visitors and the participation of age segments that years ago did not buy on the internet seem to be the result of the quarantine due to the coronavirus, which due to isolation forced many to enter e-commerce.

On the other hand, the record of visitors that has been registered so far (yesterday across the country added 2.1 million people) is anticipating the possibility of this being replicated in operations.

“For many businesses, Monday was a peak day for sales,” said Navarra.