The community of 500 women seeking to close the gender gap in technology

The pandemic accelerated the digitization of numerous activities, a phenomenon that brings back to focus the urgency to combat the gender gap in technological employment.

In Córdoba, private entities, companies and the State have been working to bring women closer to that universe in which, for example, the Córdoba Technology Cluster ensures that there are 3,500 unfilled positions.

In the signatures of software local, only 23.2 percent of the positions are occupied by women; and if only technical personnel are analyzed, the level falls to 15.9 percent, despite the efforts made to recruit women.

The problem has gained visibility in the province and initiatives to modify this reality and bring women closer to the world of technology have grown.

The organization Mujeres en Tecnología (MeT) is one of those examples: the entity has just completed two years, a short period in which it managed to add more than 500 women to its community. Among them, 48 percent have technology-related jobs and almost 61 percent are training in the field.

At the same time, it managed to organize events of different types, such as training in programming and in other technologies, meetings, talks and workshops that 17 thousand people attended. It was also able to attract the support of more than 140 companies and organizations, and opened a workspace together with the provincial public sector.

“In these two years we learned that women are very interested in technology. We know that the access gap exists and there is a need for public policies to equalize opportunities. No one can be trained to work in technology without a computer and without connectivity, ”said Soledad Salas, co-founder of MeT and its current president.

Salas stressed that MeT fosters the participation of women and non-binary gender people in technology and that it enhances their development through the creation of community and the visibility of their work.

The entity’s “operations center” is that network of more than 500 active participants who exchange proposals, form work teams and motorize projects using a space on Telegram.

The organization does not charge membership and tries to make its events free or with a very accessible value. The management team is made up of 13 volunteers. The contact modes are to through the official website of the entity or by e-mail at

Activities agenda

On July 26 the organization celebrated two years and, as part of its growth and evolution, expanded its focus beyond the borders of Córdoba.

With this, the current context collaborated: the digitization that the pandemic forced led MeT to rethink many of its activities from that logic, allowing it to multiply the scope of its training and events. This, they assure, was a learning that will continue to be enhanced.

To celebrate its second anniversary, the organization planned a series of activities throughout the week, including the launch of the new identity that seeks to expand borders and the presentation of the new website and a Blog.

On Thursday 30th, it organizes a virtual MeetUp with the community to celebrate, share experiences and invite learning spaces; and on Saturday August 1st it will be “La Editatón”, in which members of the MeT Community will collaboratively write an article about the organization for Wikipedia.

Finally, on Sunday August 2 will be the launch of a directory of sources made up of leading women in the world of technology.

MeT voices

Soledad Salas, pMeT Resident

“In these two years of work, we find that there is a great interest from women in training in technology and a great commitment from the experts of our community to mentor and lead the way to those who are just beginning. Likewise, the challenge is high because a cultural change is needed in the entire ecosystem, serious public policies and resources ”.

Melina Miranda, dMet-Business Analyst / Accessibility QA Directive

“The ecosystem tech It is full of incredible opportunities and we need to inhabit those spaces. A good way to start is by reaching out to tech communities. The importance of creating community does not only lie in sharing common interests: we also seek to inspire ourselves to start technological careers, empower ourselves as professionals, make ourselves visible as references, and more ”.

Laura Minuet, directive MeT-Data Scientisc and Big Data Analyst

“In companies tech only 23 percent are women; and of the total technical personnel, only 16 percent are. Numbers that put us to work actively looking for women to know, learn and train in technological tools and thus change the ecosystem tech

Jimena Lloveras, eMeT team

“In recent times, we have seen greater interest from organizations and the media to make women working in technology visible. I think it is part of a cultural change that is taking place and that invites us to reflect and promote inclusion and diversity ”.

Mery Kilic, cMeT operational coordinator

“Everything in our lives is influenced by science and technology. And women are not strangers to that reality. Technology is for women. If we do not allow diversity, we will only manage to lose as humanity ”.

Agustina Demaldé, ingeniera, frontend developer at Mercado Libre

“For more girls and adolescents to choose to study careers, we must demystify that it is an area of ​​male dominance. If we focus on making women referents in science and technology visible, prejudices and unconscious biases will disappear. ”

María Soledad Boiero, eMeT Communication team

“MeT seeks to break with gender stereotypes by showing that technology is also a development space for women. It is important to build new senses that allow girls, adolescents, and women to associate with the world of technology. ”

Maru Romero, developer, devop, ethical hacker

“Today we are experiencing a turning point that presents a historic opportunity to close the existing gender gaps in the labor market. Through the creative appropriation of technology, women’s economic empowerment is possible, but only if we master the technique. ”