shopping centers reopen in this city

Most shopping malls have been idle for four months, since they were unable to open their doors since quarantine was established.

The mayor of General Pueyrredón’s party, Guillermo Montenegro, authorized by decree, starting this Tuesday, the reopening of the commercial premises in shopping malls and the extension of office hours bars, cafes and restaurants in Mar del Plata and the rest of the district, within the framework of the isolation measures for the new coronavirus.

It is one of the sectors that is being hit the most by the pandemic, and where thousands of jobs could be lost if it is not reactivated.

The communal chief also extended the hours enabled for the practice of sports outdoor singles, and enabled the participation of up to ten people at most in religious encounters.

The measures were adopted through a decree of the municipal Executive, based on a series of recommendations made by the Economic Reactivation Commission that works in the local Deliberative Council, with representatives of all political forces.

The regulations were also communicated, officially, after the provincial government confirmed that the party continues in phase 4, despite the coronavirus outbreaks registered in the last three weeks.

The commercial premises are reopened in shopping malls in Mar del Plata

Other activities that add up

The authorization that reaches the shopping malls indicates that they will be able to return to the activity for the first time since the start of the quarantinealthough they should do it “in gallery formatwithout clients’ access to the bathrooms, the food court, or the children’s play areas or cinemas.

As for the gastronomic venues, who returned to activity in the last days from 7 to 19 and with protocols of prevention, from this Tuesday they can extend the hours until 24.

Regarding the sport activity outdoors, the extension of the running hours was authorized, and the morning shift from 6 to 9 will be added to the night shift, from 19 to 00.

The decree also enables “ceremonies to be carried out in religious establishments with up to 10 people and 20-minute shifts for permanence, respecting measures such as social distancing, use of chinstrap and temperature control.”

At this point, it was also made clear that “no type of religious celebration that involves the mass attendance of people, such as masses, baptisms, weddings, communions, bar mitzvah, among others, will be allowed.”

Also, the return to the activity of executing units of Conicet, travel and tourism agencies, music therapy, popcorn, therapeutic companions, College of Dentists, dog training, rehearsal rooms, recording studios and individual music classes, and cultural and scenic spaces.

The tests were also enabled on racetracks and motorsport circuits, without competition, as well as nautical sports and recreational navigation.

The municipality stressed that “the activities must operate without the use of public transport and consider for their exercise the existing limitations regarding risk groups.”


In the AMBA, Bahía Blanca and Mar del Plata there are about 50 shopping centers

Close of stores in shopping due to inactivity

25% of the local shopping centers It closed due to inactivity since March this year, and the measure that they still remain closed in the AMBA and the province of Buenos Aires puts 50,000 jobs at risk, according to the Argentine Chamber of Shopping Centers (CASC).

“If they make us wait until September, the shopping centers could reopen gaps; since the beginning of the confinement, the definitive closure of at least 25% of the stores has been recorded,” CASC said in a statement.

The entity added that “the closings of the rented premises they could result in huge economic losses and some 50,000 jobs, if the reopening deadlines set by the authorities are not anticipated. ”

The camera, which featured health safety protocols to the national, provincial and municipal authorities, he observed that “we have once again been discriminated against when determining the businesses that can return to activity.”

We do not understand the reason why the opening of street stores and shopping arcades is authorized and at the same time it continues without allowing the operation of shopping centers“said Mario Nirenberg, general manager of CASC.

He added that “there are shopping centers that are practically family businesses. Only 25% of the almost 100 shopping centers that operate in the country are from large companies; the rest were built and are maintained with great effort by small and medium-sized builders or real estate developers. , which generate tens of thousands of jobs across the country. ”

In the AMBA, Bahía Blanca and Mar del Plata there are close to 50 shopping centers, which together employ around 50,000 people.

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