Shocking images of the fires in the Paraná Delta: firefighters fight the flames hand-to-hand

Despite the efforts of brigadistas to control the outbreaks of fire in the islands of Paraná Delta, fire, product of burning grasslands, continues to spread. Over the weekend the smoke reached the city of Rosario and the municipality demands a solution.

The flames gave three days calm and then they wrapped the islands again with great intensity. To combat them, brigades from the Nation and the provinces of Santa Fe and Between rivers, but still cannot suffocate them.

The smoke from the fires in the islands of the Paraná Delta reached Rosario. (Photo: NA).

The origin of the flames was intentional by the burning grassland. The activity was prohibited to avoid this type of consequences, especially in front of the historical downspout of the Paraná river.

The fire spread uncontrollably for several days and even the smoke reached the sky of Rosario over the weekend. The situation caused the mayor’s anger Pablo Javkin and the city authorities. “Dozens of brigadistas risking their lives, hydrant planes, helicopters and ships that cost us a fortune … More than the entry of Rosario, what should prevent Entre Ríos is this. And justice has to imprison those responsible“he wrote on Twitter over the weekend.

“Without a doubt, the owners of the fields are accused, for the exploitation, “complained the official.” Let’s start to see who are those who have been repeatedly affecting us, “he said, and asked that” those responsible be punished. “

Along these lines, the Federal Chamber of Appeals of Rosario issued a caution in which he ordered the authorities of the city of Victoria and the province of Entre Ríos to control that there are no more fires for six months, as reported by the newspaper The capital.

At the national level, in addition to allocating economic and logistical support to quell the fires, they assured that they were working on a legal figure that protects wetlands.

(Photo: NA).
(Photo: NA).

“We are faced with the possibility of agreeing, together with the provinces of Entre Ríos, Santa Fe and Buenos Aires, preservation headlights, which is another figure within protected areas, “he said. Juan Cabandié, Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development. As detailed, it is the Comprehensive Strategic Plan for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of the Paraná River Delta (Piecas), whose objective is to strengthen the institutional presence in the area.

“Together with the National Parks Administration and the three provincial governments, we have to find a fundamental solution, it is time to end these ecocides,” added the official.