Coronavirus in Argentina | The reunion of a mother and her son through a window: “Don’t cry, baby”

She is hospitalized with coronavirus in Mendoza and excited everyone by sharing a video in which she shows the reunion with your son through a window. Moved by what she lived, this Tuesday, in dialogue with TN, said: “My baby was never without me and neither was I without him. He only has me.”

Adrianna Ocampos He is a police officer and on Sunday July 19 she was admitted to the Scaravelli Hospital in Tunuyán after testing positive for coronavirus. Isolated and without the possibility of receiving visits, the relatives who are in charge of the care of David, her son, decided to go to the window of the hospital room for the reunion to take place.

“I love you, I’m going to go home, you know?” the woman said to the baby, who was looking at her through the glass. “Don’t cry, baby. Take good care of yourself, behave well,” he asked.

Officer Adrianna Ocampos with her son. (Photo: Facebook Adrianna Ocampos)

He told TN she feels “very contained” and thanked the medical staff who are taking care of her.

“My baby was never without me and neither was I without him. I am a single mother, he only has me, beyond his aunts and family. I’m calm because they take good care of it “, assured.

In this sense, he thanked the accompaniment of his relatives: “I thank God for the friends I have. They are my family.”

The official stated that, once the isolation and the indicated rest had been completed, he will resume his tasks within the Police. If all goes well, he expects to be discharged on Saturday.

Mobilized after having relived the images of the reunion with her son, Ocampos left a message for the boy through the screen of TN: “This is for and for you, all this sacrifice that mom makes. We will see you soon at home, I love you”.