Chilavert’s lapidary sentence when comparing Carlos Bianchi with Marcelo Gallardo


There is no doubt about the success achieved by Marcelo Gallardo in front of River Plate. Since taking office in 2014, the Doll He marked a clear hegemony in both Argentine and South American soccer by winning eleven titles in less than six years. Thus, from the public side it is inevitable to compare the DT cycle of the Millionaire with the of Carlos Bianchi in Boca Juniors, a kind of crack in these times.

One of those who took sides was none other than José Luis Chilavert, who not only expressed his favoritism for the former strategist of 71 years, but was lapidary when talking about Napoleon. “You can’t compare them at all. Bianchi is superior by far. Apart Bianchi in world champion and Gallardo did not come out as world champion that I know of. Today he shows his category in Argentina but Bianchi is superior in everything ”, he pointed out Chila in dialogue with the radio program Saturday Vélez.

The former archer leaned over Bianchi since they shared time in Fortwhere did they get seven titles, among them a Copa Libertadores and an Intercontinental. “I defend him because I worked with him. In Argentina it is very common to underestimate one’s success. It is not necessary to do it with Gallardo in River, but there were many things in which Conmebol reached out and has helped River a lot.“Added the Paraguayan from 55 years.

Bianchi Gallardo game

Beyond comparison, Chilavert highlighted the work of Viceroy in the cast of Liniers from day one. “Carlos Bianchi’s arrival strengthened the squad, gave hierarchy to certain young players by giving them a responsibility and they assumed it perfectly. He also brought out veteran players like Ruggeri, Gareca and Mancuso. There remained a young human group and hungry for glory. That team transformed“He expressed.

In addition, the former goalkeeper wanted to point out the little recognition of some coaches by the press for only relying on obtaining titles. “I read many of your colleagues who minimize the success of Marcelo Bielsa because he did it in a Second Division team, it was time for him to be champion. Bielsa’s work has been excellent, he has a work methodology that many do not like. I had my differences with him at the beginning and later we accommodated him because Vélez was on top of us ”, he concluded in defense of the Crazy and what was achieved with Leeds United some days ago.

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