“With all the love”: Don Ramón’s daughter revealed the autograph that the actor from Chavo del 8 gave her


The actor’s daughter Ramón Valdés, famous for his character of Mr Ramon in El Chavo del 8, shared on his Twitter account the autograph that his father gave him.

Carmen Valdés opened the trunk of memories on Saturday afternoon and shared with her followers on the social network a couple of images and an anecdote related to her father.

“An endearing moment for me, the scene was: ‘Dad, you give a lot of autographs, I want mine!’ Looking at me, he smiled and went for this photo, he sat down while smiling, I stopped touching his shoulder, attentive to what he wrote, I opened my eyes so happy! He got up and gave it to me with a big kiss! ”, he recalled about that day in May 1979.


Carmen Valdés accompanied her tweet with a couple of images: the photograph where her father gave her the autograph and the one of the text she wrote, where she said: “With all the love a father feels for a good daughter, your father, Don Ramón. 5/27/79 ”.

The publication of the daughter of Don Ramón It caused a great impact on Twitter, because in addition to receiving 17,000 retweets, it also obtained more than 139,000 “likes”.

On her Twitter account Carmen usually shares images and anecdotes related to her father, died in August 1988.

Another recent photo that caught his attention was one in which he posed in Don Ramón’s arms.


“And how can I not miss you, Dad, it’s your fault for giving me so much! Here in the house in Cuernavaca where we spend such pleasant moments, playing and relaxing, always with your great occurrences, but the most valuable way of loving, of giving, of being! Unpublished Photo 1977 ”.

He also published a treasure at the end of June, since it was a photo where the original cast of the Chavo del 8, taken in the late 1970s.

“I am fascinated by this valuable image! It is the only photo that I have seen, where they are all of the main cast of the group! It gives me a lot of melancholy! A true treasure of 77/78 ”, he wrote to accompany the black and white photo that captured Florinda Meza, Roberto Gómez Bolaños“ Chespirito ”, María Antonieta de las Nieves, Ramón Valdés, Edgar Vivar, Rubén Aguirre, Carlos Villagrán, Angelines Fernández and Horacio Gómez Bolaños.


Nostalgia in social networks

Twitter and Facebook They have allowed fans of the emblematic series to enjoy unpublished images of the past thanks to the publications that both actors of the production and their families have made on these social networks.

For example, in addition to Carmen Valdés, Miguel Valdés -Don Ramón’s grandson- usually publishes unpublished images of the actor on his Twitter account.

Edgar Vivar, the famous interpreter of “Señor Barriga”, is usually quite active on the social network, where he answers some questions from his followers and shares photos from the splendor of Chavo del 8.


Although she is less active on the social network, Florinda Meza He has also shown his followers some unpublished images of Chespirito or messages dedicated to him.

While on Facebook it is Marie Antoinette of the Snows The chilindrina, the most active. In fact, on that social network he clarified just a few days ago that he is in good health.

And is that some versions claimed that Marie Antoinette had been infected with coronavirus. But the actress broke those stories down by posting a photo from Acapulco. “For those who have published that I have died from Covid, I leave you with this beautiful view that I have while I have breakfast in my beloved Acapulco. For all who have reported, I am in very good health, thank God, ”he wrote.


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