“It felt like a bomb on the street”: the testimony of a victim of the Villa Crespo car burner

The explosion woke him up. The screams of the neighbors disturbed him. He thought the worst. So the morning began Pablo Radkin, one of the victims of the Villa Crespo car burner.

The explosion woke me up. Then I heard the siren. For the evacuation and the screaming of the nursing home I imagined the worst“, expressed the witness in TN.

“This was at approximately 7.15 in the morning. My upset neighbor told me that a street bomb had exploded“he recalled.

The attacker, who could not yet be identified, seven cars and six parked motorbikes set fire this Sunday in the Villa Crespo neighborhood.

The attacks were registered in Darwin at 800, Camargo and Humboldt, Campana and Galicia, Ramírez de Velazco at 1100, Vera at 1200, Camargo at 1200 and Darwin at 200.

I saw my motorcycle, it frustrated me, but it relaxed me because I thought that a house or the nursing home had exploded, but luckily it was only material damage, “he said.

This is how one of the burned motorcycles was (Photo: Buenos Aires Ministry of Security).

The explosion felt by the neighbors was that of CNG tank of one of the burned cars. The blast wave smashed building glass. Fortunately, there were no injuries, but so far no detainees.