Explosions in Villa Crespo: seven cars and six motorcycles caught fire and they are investigating whether they were “car burners”

During the early morning hours, seven cars and six motorcycles burned in various places in Villa Crespo that caused explosions. The City Police investigates whether they were caused by “car burners”, since in images from security cameras a person was seen with a ten-liter canister of naphtha that the fire started. The bursts smashed building windows and were heard up to ten blocks away. There are no injuries.

The fires were in Darwin at 800, Camargo and Humboldt, Campana and Galicia, Ramírez de Velazco at 1100, Vera at 1200, Camargo at 1200 and Darwin at 200. Subcomandante González, of the fire department, said that no injuries were reported and awaiting the results of the experts’ tasks.

A neighbor who two taxis set fire He said that a car flew because the gas tank exploded, and that in the security images they saw “a boy with a ten-liter canister of naphtha” at the scene, who sprayed the cars and caused the explosions.

He said he woke up at six when he heard the explosion. “We couldn’t believe it,” he said. He explained that there had already been other attacks on the scene due to the burning of garbage containers, but that vehicles had never been set on fire.

News in development that is being updated.