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The daughter of the former co-star of Chavo del 8 decided to answer a controversial question that a follower asked him through his social networks

Carmen Valdes is the daughter of Ramón Valdés – known for starring in Don Ramón in El Chavo from 8-. She has long shared unpublished images of her father on her Twitter account. The idea is that fans of the hit series can connect with the former co-star through unfamiliar photos.

Another of the former participants of the Mexican strip is Edgar Vivar, an actor known for having personified Señor Barriga, whom Mr Ramon I didn’t pay the rent. Vivar also usually shares images related to old times in their lives and, in recent days, published an image of Don Ramón in his youth.

Don Ramón was a drug addict?

In this way, fans of the series were able to know what the real name of La chilindrina’s father was. “From the trunk of memories: Ramón Esteban Gómez Valdés y Castillo “, he wrote in the publication that accompanied the image.

The actor who gave life to Don Ramón with his daughter, Carmen Valdés

Quickly, the photo and its publication generated a lot of positive reactions of old fans. However, not all the comments were exactly cute. In fact, there was one that sparked the controversy: “Don Edgar, regarding the memory of Don Ramón, according to Doña Florinda, he was a drug addict. “

Although the comment may seem annoying, his daughter decided to answer him to the person who had done it. Far from remaining silent, she said: “I remove you from doubts !! It was not !! I lived with the 27 years old, I would have known !! Greetings”. Surprised, the user thanked for the response. “Already coming from a source too close to him, the doubt instilled by Doña Florinda’s bad statements clears me,” he said.

How the debate continued

Once again, a wave of comments who came out to support the protagonist’s daughter. Actually, Carmen Valdes He has decided to take charge of enhancing the memory of his father, who passed away on August 9, 1988. The young woman, as already mentioned, usually shares photos with him, some from when she was little and also from the time she was a teenager.

Don Ramón on the set where El Chavo del 8 was filmed

Don Ramón on the set where El Chavo del 8 was filmed

Another character in the series El Chavo del 8 who usually shares images on his social networks is the one so well remembered professor Jirafales, the teacher of all the boys in the strip – El Chavo, Quico, Ñoño, among others. Recently, he uploaded a photo to his twitter account, where it said “A friend is someone who knows the song of your heart and can sing it when you have already forgotten the lyrics”. Accompanied by this text, she published a image of Edgar Vivar, who characterized Señor Barriga. Vivar, also from Twitter, shared the text and the photo.

The Chavo series of 8 started in the year 1971 and lasted 9 years, Given the ended in 1980. However, it is still in force in Latin America, and specifically in Argentina, where many people remember particularly comical scenes and situations from the series.

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