They arrested 17 truckers who evaded sanitary controls and forcibly entered Tucumán

A long line of truckers waiting their turn for health checks decided to enter Tucumán by force. The incident was on National Route 157, in Los Mistoles, on the border with Santiago del Estero. The 17 drivers were detained at the next post, were isolated, and their vehicles will be hijacked for 60 days. The scene was recorded in a video that reached TN and The People.

After almost 20 hours of waiting, the truckers lost their patience and, through sudden maneuvers, they entered Tucumán without any type of police or health control. They did not get very far: they were apprehended at the next checkpoint, located in the town of Lamadrid.

“It is a very serious situation”

“We have different strategies contemplating the situations that occur in the control, with the delays that are common due to the rapid tests, since if there are news, other procedures must be carried out,” explained the Minister of Security of Tucumán, Claudio Maley.

“We record the proceedings and the Justice will assess the situation of each of the offenders, but it is a very serious situation because in this way they threaten the health of the community”, indicated the official.

Maley also indicated that the truckers (and companions, if any) “must comply with the isolation for 14 days and the Ministry of Health is looking for a place to stay.” In the same sense, he pointed out that
“The vehicles will be parked in the Palacio de los Deportes -in the provincial capital-, like all those who are held for this type of offense.”