Telenoche | “The parallel worlds” of the pandemic, under the gaze of Mario Markic

The pandemic and the closure do not stop isolating us from situations that seem to be from another world. No, they are from this one. The only one and ours. The one that Mario Markic can count perfectly. This week went from a fake marriage to unusual fights in the senate.

Carlos Menem and Zulema Yoma are getting married again, we were listening in the middle of the week. We were all logically surprised. But this was finally a fake news that nobody knows where it came from but that everyone took for granted. Finally the marriage was not, nor was there rice.

As Mario says, “all these things make us forget a little about this suffocating confinement”. Senators help us with this task. The strong crossing between Lousteau and Cristina was the color note of the week in the congress. With or without remote sessions, there is always a chapter to tell. On the other side of the world, Donald Trump closed the Chinese consulate in Houston and the retaliation soon arrived.

But the great protagonist of the week in this parallel world is Sergio Berni. His appearances, his phrases, his confrontations with Sabina Frederik. Without a doubt Berni took the prize of the week. Every day he had fierce appearances in the media and this novel does not seem to have an end. It promises future chapters that no one can predict. But that only Markic can tell us.