Río Negro: due to the snow storm in the south of the country, they declared an agricultural emergency

The Patagonia goes through one of the harshest winters of the last 20 years with temperatures of 23 degrees below zero and more than a meter high in Neuquén and Río Negro. Both in the cordillerana zone, and in the vast steppe of those corridors towards the Atlantic coast, the abundant rainfall they have harassed the rural settlers. The teams of Provincial roads and the National Gendarmerie They work day and night to clear roads and assist isolated families.

In the last month, a white blanket covered millions of hectares in the south of our country, isolated rural settlers, collapsed high-voltage antennas and dramatically affected livestock. This is why the Río Negro government decreed the agricultural emergency.

The measure will cover the departments of San Carlos de Bariloche, El Cuy, Ñorquinco, Pilcaniyeu, May 25 and July 9 for bovine, ovine and caprine activity. It is valid for one year from July 1, 2020.

Through this decree, exempt, totally or partially, depending on the level of affectation, of the payment of the tax real estate for rural and sub-rural real estate and automotive tax.

From the provincial Agriculture portfolio they informed Telam that the productive capacity of the South Region, mainly, “is affected by at least 50% in some cases and 80% in others, which seriously hinders the evolution of agricultural activities”.

In statements to TN, Martín Giusti director of Neuquén Civil Defense, confirmed that what affects the area the most, apart from the snow, is the White wind. “On Route 237 we have assisted truck traffic. The machines have been working and the routes are enabled.”