In Lanata’s program they denied Manguel: what did he say?

The journalist has been working for five years on the Animals Loose program, the cycle that Luis Novaresio conducts on the American screen

After several seasons, the journalist Romina Manguel it was decided to leave the program Stray animals. Permanent friction, on and off the air, with Luis Novaresio and other staff members on central issues of the journalistic agenda marked the end.

The journalist Marina Calabró She referred to this issue but unveiled a different theory that would have motivated Manguel to make that decision. He did it on the radio show of Jorge Lanata, where he said: “It is terrible. The last time she was seen in those latitudes was on Thursday the 16th. There were four years of participation in this program that is a classic of the nights of America. And well, someone is leaving. Immediately Romina interprets that there is speculation or pretend to confront her with another woman, due to a macho look

But that was not all: “Someone here is leaving a Program and we speculate whether it is male or female. The versions spoke of annoyances of her with companions in front of and behind the cameras. For now, his departure coincides with the incorporation of Rosario Ayerdi. ”

Faced with Lanata’s query about why he left, Calabró replied: “Manguel will hate me. What an unobjectionable source tells me is that I was not happy with the new incorporations. They tell me that she said ‘I’m sick of exchanging and enduring beginners‘”.

In the Lanata program they referred to the departure of Manguel from Loose Animals

“Here I am going to open an umbrella: either they hate it in the program and they leak information against it, or believe me with what I am telling you. We are going to give Romina Manguel the benefit of the doubt,” he concluded.

Faced with this, Romina Manguel used her Twitter account to answer Marina Calabró with everything: “When I worked with Lanata (decades), the check-up was strict and the cost of making mistakes was extremely high. Those of us who trained at that school with everything and everything We learned good and bad about the rigor. Too bad you missed it Marina Calabro. And you had the stage of “if it happens, it happens.”

Why he left the cycle leading Novaresio

The sudden departure of Romina Manguel of Loose Animals, the cycle that Luis Novaresio conducts on the American screen, aroused a series of speculations, about alleged conflicts with the producer and even with his coworkers.

The journalist had been working as a columnist for the program for five years, when it was hosted by Alejandro Fantino. But on Friday he left his place, which from now on will be occupied by Rosario Ayerdi.

“Romina decided to step aside because she was a little tired and overwhelmed by the pandemic. We tried by all means to change her decision, but we were not successful. She is still in the group: she is with Luis on the radio (with Novaresio 910 by La Red) and will surely be in some other project “, assured Noel Vila, of the company Jotax Producciones.

The driver of the cycle was also saddened by Manguel’s resignation. “She is a great professional who luckily will continue working with me, which shows our good relationship, and to which great journalistic projects await “, predicted Novaresio.


The journalist, mother of Tali (9 years old) and Hannah (12), explained: “I have two daughters who live with me, with the school, the Zoom and everything that that implies. And the truth is that, with everything In declarations to different media, Manguel explained that “the reason was that he was with very tired. He was not physically well. I had some panic attacks at this stage of the pandemic. I started as a very militant of the hard quarantine, but later it became very difficult for me, “he said.

What is happening, I also did not finish finding my place in the program. We, who love what we do, draw strength from where we don’t have it. But I felt blurred. I think it happened to all of us in journalism. Because it is one thing to talk about politics or the judiciary, which is my thing, but it is another to be listening to infectious disease doctors talking about the duplicity of infections. ”

Manguel made it clear that it was context of the pandemic the one that made her feel uncomfortable on the cycle and preferred to leave “with the best of memories” before the situation became untenable. But he confirmed that he never had any problems either with production or with his colleagues.

“We had wanted to work with Luis for years and it was just given to us now, but nobody imagined a 2020 like this. I am not an infectologist. As a journalist, I can ask, but I’m really scared to talk about public health issues without knowing. Leaving my house at ten o’clock at night to sit and not find what to do in the program, I really did not like. And I didn’t feel like ending up mad at a place that gave me a lot, and leaving with a shitty feeling. So it was the right time, “he explained.

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