With a stolen motorcycle he ran over and killed a nine-year-old boy, but he is free

The La Trocha neighborhood of General Villegas is humble. And although the streets are paved and there is lighting, not all of them work. For this reason, on June 17, seven children played “the thief and the police” on the street under the only light that could light them. However, they could not see the bike that came at full speed and ran over Baptist. The nine-year-old boy died from the impact.

“Bautista was holding another girl’s hand when the motorcycle hit her in the chest and flew through the air. He fell head first. The driver, Elías Román, was only able to brake at 70 meters, he looked and ran away. They stopped him when appeared in the hospital, “attorney Federico Leiva told TN.com.ar.

Experts determined that the motorcycle, which had been kidnapped since December 2019, had no brakes and that it could reach a speed of 79 kilometers per hour. It also had no lights. “It is common for them to steal them and prepare them to escape from the police, so they make them lighter but also noisier,” Leiva explained.

Elías Román, arrested and then released. (Photo: Facebook / Elías Román).

“At 48 hours and at the same time that I was burying my son, they released him. I received a call from a person who warned me. I ran out to Elías’s mother’s house. I wanted to ask him why his son I had done this. I had no answer“Antonella Gómez, Bautista’s mother, revealed with great pain.

She and the two brothers of the boy, aged 6 and 11, remain under psychological treatment. Also, Antonella has a panic button and police custody because she received threats. “Three motorcycles stopped in front of her home and began to accelerate to intimidate her,” Leiva said of the pressures that the woman who lives five blocks from Román’s house receives.

The 18-year-old has a history. “He set fire to a house because of a problem with a girlfriend, he has robberies and an episode due to armed force. It is not a common thing in General Villegas. Let’s say he is a bad man,” the lawyer described him.

“We have witnesses who say that he never stopped accelerating, the skills to the motorcycle without brake or lights and stolen. However, the judge of Guarantees Anastasia Marquez released him without giving the prosecution more time to collect more evidence. He also did not make him fix address. It seems like a provocation or a mockery, “he added.

One of the marches for justice. (Photo: Antonella Gómez).
One of the marches for justice. (Photo: Antonella Gómez).

The case is labeled as wrongful death and they fear that it will not go to trial and that it be resolved with a probation. Instead, the lawyer will go for the wrongful death because of reckless guilt. “Roman is from the neighborhood and he knew that boys play in that corner. He did not want to stop, he faced and said with that attitude: ‘Run’. He showed contempt for life,” said Leiva.

A month after the fact, La Trocha remains shocked by the death of Bautista. Mainly the members of Atlético Villegas. The club where the baby played soccer has already organized several marches to ask for justice with Antonella. The next one is this Sunday.

The club’s memory: “I was happy playing ball”

Atlético Villegas fired Bautista in networks with a moving message. “Bauti was 9 years old. He was a player of our soccer inferiors. Of those Club boys who, perhaps because he knew details of his life, one focused a little more on the task of containing, supporting, integrating. Providing him with a place full of love through sport. Friendship and camaraderie, “the institution indicated in a post.

“Bauti liked to play ball. Go to the Predio or Malbrán to train with his classmates. Listen to the teachings of the teachers Joaquín, Fran and Juan Manuel. Assemble the backpack, travel, put on the boots and get warm with the others “, followed the message.

Baptist loved to play ball. (Photo: Antonella Gómez).
Baptist loved to play ball. (Photo: Antonella Gómez).

And they said: “Bauti could win on a Saturday. Like this afternoon in Piedritas when he had to play with a bigger category than his. And on top of that he scored a goal. I was happy playing ball

“Today we are all devastated but we are not going to stop asking for justice for Bautista. We accompany his family, we accompany each other and also the entire city. We will never forget Bauti,” they closed.