“Mobile gaming”: keys to success

They are a set of capabilities that companies have to reach millions of users and offer them value propositions such as promotions and packs

Every technique works when the forecasts are expected. Now, when techniques shine during a global pandemic, there is a story to tell. This is the case of the industry of “mobile gaming“, which shot up showing spikes month by month in this quarantine.

According to the latest Annie app study, 35% growth was reported in weekly downloads. The point is that behind all success there is no magic: there are robust business strategies and marketing algorithms that ensure relevant supply and demand with each other.

The strategies of distribution and monetization They are the secret agents that are not seen in the graphics or in the fun, but that make the world of mobile video games ensure their success download after download. They are the quintessential mechanisms for reaching users and, if they did not exist, there would be neither mobile games nor players that we could talk about.

How do these strategies work?

To understand how they work, it is necessary to define them: they are a set of capabilities that companies have to reach millions of users and offer them both value propositions and promotions and packs so that they choose to entertain themselves with our products.

In turn, it is key to be able to monetize the advertising space that are displayed within our games in the most effective way possible.

What this differentiation system has with any other distribution and monetization chain is that it has massive volumes of information. All this information allows us to make models that allow us to improve marketing operations and the way we do our promotions and other value propositions for users. We seek to reach the right audience.

Darío Simonassi: “There is no magic behind the download rain”.

Investments in technology companies are very important at the level of automation and algorithm due to the volume of data they involve, seeking to reach all potential players. It is impossible to reach millions of users by handling some kind of manual intervention.

To address these strategies, it is first necessary to have a team with high level of knowledge in data science, date engineering, machine learning engineering and a diversity of platforms. On the other hand, it is important to consider the following:

Understand what is the value that each user segment contributes in terms of future monetizations and around this define the investment. Differentiate the segments based on the lifetime value of the clients, that is, the net value of the income that a client generates to the company during the time it remains in the game.

Have a review process that works with the advertising videos, testing them with small groups of users, see how they act and choose them based on that reaction. That makes marketing investment much more efficient, because we pay to show content that is much more relevant to gamers.

Wildlife He experienced a 40-50% increase in his game downloads during the pandemic, and also doubled his team of professionals in Buenos Aires in this period.

So it is shown as a clear example that there is no magic behind the download rain, but solid distribution and monetization strategies, thanks to which their games reached the 2 billion downloads last year.

(*) Vice President of Engineering of Wildlife Studios in Argentina.

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