Coronavirus | Kindergartens unite in caravan and demand help: “We are bleeding to death”

Workers maternal gardens This Thursday they went in a caravan to the Buenos Aires center to claim state aid in the face of the complicated situation they are going through. From the beginning of the quarantine they are closed and without income. “We are in an economic emergency, we are bleeding to death“they assure.

As indicated, only the 30% of the establishments agreed to ATP, and since the end of March, they closed 230. “We are part of the non-compulsory schooling but we are essential,” said Gabriela, owner of an institution, to TN. “We did not receive any other subsidy,” he added.

The protest is replicated in several cities in the country. “With the pandemic we realized that, at the national level, we don’t have a name, we are not centered in a sector “, he pointed. “On Monday a project is going to be debated that asks us to be part of what is care economy“he pointed out about the initiative led by the radical deputy Carla Carrizo.

The caravan of cars headed for the obelisk. (Photo: Captura TN).

The maternal gardens demand from the Executive Power that the means to generate a financial assistance in all the country. They ask to be include them as “actors of the productive system” so they can access Benefits specific that the Government implements for different sectors.

“Today is a day of mourning for us, we are bleeding to death. We ask for help from the first day because we are paying wages, “said Gabriela and indicated that early childhood institutions generate about 50 thousand jobs nationwide.