5,782 cases in one day and there are new areas of transmission

Day after day the Argentine health authorities release a report detailing the situation in the country regarding the coronavirus

As is the case daily, this Friday the Argentine health authorities released the daily report regarding the pandemic due to the new coronavirus, the situation in the country, the recommendations and the measures that have been implemented. According to that information, the amount total confirmed cases in the country is from 141,900 of which 5,782 have been reported in last 24 hours, the highest number that Argentina has recorded so far since the beginning of the pandemic of the presence of the disease in the country. It is important to note that the incidence rate is 312 cases per 100,000 Argentine inhabitants.

Of that total, the 89.7% It is located in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA), a place that is positioned as increasingly critical in relation to this disease. The provinces of Chaco and Córdoba presented the 1.5% and 1.6%respectively while Jujuy had the 2.6% of newly reported infected.

It is important to note that the 7.5% of the total confirmed cases are within the group of health workers.

The average age of involvement is 37 years and the involvement is almost the same for women and men. He 49.4% of the confirmed cases are female patients and the 50.6%, male.

How are the infections

The main route of infection is the community spread and in conglomerates, with the 51.1% of the cases confirmed by this type of contagion. This type of transmission can be seen in a sustained manner in the metropolitan area of ​​the province of Buenos Aires, as in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. Also in some localities of Chaco -like Resistencia, Barranqueras, Fontana and Puerto Vilelas-, Black river -Cipoletti and General Roca- and Neuquen -capital, in Plottier and Centenario-.

It is important to note that there have been added transmission zones community in different parts of the country. One of them is the city of Bariloche, in Black river; another is the metropolitan region of Mendoza and the city of Mendoza capital; and another is the city of rosary beads and the Great Rosary.

The remaining percentage is divided among those people who have travel background, they are near a 0.8% of total cases, and those patients who have had a close contact with someone positively diagnosed with Covid-19, around the 31% of cases.

The total of deceased in Argentina it currently amounts to 2,617 people. Thus, the rate of lethality is kept in a 1.8%. On the other hand, the relationship with the total population is 57 deaths per million inhabitants. The average age of the fatal victims is 75 years, that is, the majority were within the population considered to be at highest risk.

The report of this Thursday indicates that there were more than 5,700 new cases in one day

It is also important to clarify that they are already 902 patients who are in intensive care units for this reason, according to what is reported by the health systems of the various jurisdictions. Of the total number of people in this situation, 88.8% he has residence in the Buenos aires city and in the Buenos Aires province.

Nationally, the percentage of general occupation of intensive care beds is 55%, Meanwhile in AMBA that percentage amounts to 64.3%. Both percentages have grown slightly but progressively since the health authorities began to include this information in the daily report.

In relation to recoveredcurrently amount to 62,815, of which 2,284 they went with him medical discharge yesterday. This represents the 44.3% of the total confirmed cases so far and since the pandemic started.

Finally, the official clarified that they have already been done 593,044 tests throughout the country. In the yesterday’s day were made 14,842, which allows us to say that in Argentina 13,069 tests are performed for every million inhabitants. It is important to highlight that some of them were carried out at the Malbrán Institute, while the rest were made in the network of 338 decentralized laboratories throughout the country. Those testing allowed to rule out Until now 352,916 in 99.7% by laboratory analysis and virological tests and in less than 1% by symptoms, which were not characteristic of coronavirus.

The percentage of positivity is another of the key indicators to understand the situation of the coronavirus in Argentina and, above all, in the areas where the virus has greater circulation. According to the data in this Thursday’s report, the positivity percentage It is 28.7%. It is important to keep in mind that this variable has grown a lot in the last days and months and will continue to do so until the peak of Covid-19’s presence in Argentina is reached.

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