In Argentina, there is more than one vehicle for every three inhabitants

Argentina closed the first half of the year with a fleet of 15,608,622 units, as reported today by the Association of Automotive Dealers of the Argentine Republic (Acara).

Córdoba has 7.9 percent of the automotive fleet, for which 1,223,081 units circulate in the province.

The report warns that the average age is 14.8 years, but there are places like Mendoza or Entre Ríos where the average age is 17 years.

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If one takes into account that the country would currently have 45,376,763 inhabitants, according to the projection of the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (Indec), this implies that one vehicle circulates every 2.9 inhabitants.

76 percent of the automotive fleet is made up of automobiles, 20 percent by light commercials, while two percent are trucks and buses and another similar percentage add the trailers.

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Half a dozen American and European brands account for almost 80 percent of the automotive fleet.

The leader is Ford with 16 percent of the vehicle fleet, followed by Renault (15.6 percent), Volkswagen (14 percent), Fiat (13.5 percent), Chevrolet (10.9 percent) and Peugeot (9.8 percent).

However, Acara cautions, Asian brands have increased their share in the past decade.

This is the case of Toyota, which has 5.4 percent of the automotive fleet, thanks to the push of its Hilux truck with 388,979 units, the second model with the most presence in Argentina, after the Volkswagen Gol with 460,877 vehicles.