Due to the economic crisis, they propose that the rest of the 2020 holidays be considered non-working days

The Deputy for Together for Change José Luis Patiño introduced a bill to turn into the rest of the holidays from 2020 in non-working days. According to the legislator, the measure would help “boost” the revival of the economy in a context of crisis, which was aggravated by the quarantine of more than four months decreed by the Government.

According to the project, entitled “Conversion of holidays into non-working days for the remainder of the year 2020”, the 17 of August, Day of the Passage to Immortality of General Don José de San Martín; October 12 °, Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity; November 20, National Sovereignty Day; and December 8, Day of the Immaculate Conception of Mary.

It would also involve exceptional suspension of the power of the Executive Power to set days non-working holidays intended to promote tourist activity.

However, the measure does not foresee changes for the December 25th, than it would retain its Christmas holiday status.

“On non-working days, work will be optional for the employer, except in banks, insurance and related activities, as determined by regulation. On those days, workers who provide service will receive a simple salary. If the employer chooses as a non-working day, the salary will also be paid to the worker, “explains Patiño.

In addition, he founds his proposal based on the “abrupt drop in economic activity in all sectors”, before which “it is convenient to take advantage of the calendar to boost the economy, especially considering that, due to the preventive and obligatory isolation, the tourist activity that originally sought to promote is restricted “.

Finally, remember that the establishment of holidays has a “educational and awareness effect”. For this reason, it recommends the Executive to adopt alternative measures for the dissemination of the memory and importance of General Don José de San Martín, Cultural Diversity and National Sovereignty.