Rapper Kayne West made his first appearance as a presidential candidate

The American rapper made his first appearance as a presidential candidate in South Carolina, ahead of the November elections.

The outsiders of politics are not a novelty in the world. There are already many political leaders from different countries and from different categories that occupy places of decision and by popular election without having had a political career behind. Own Donald Trump He is an outsider, who had dedicated his entire life to the world of finance and is currently finishing his first presidential term in U.S and will seek his reelection in November.

In this context, another outsider will present himself as candidate for the elections of that date. Is about Kayne West, a man well known in the music world, but nothing related to politics. A few days ago it was learned that the Kim Kardashian’s husband He wanted to stand for his country’s elections, but had made no public appearance.

So West, who has already started posting campaign related posts on his official site, made his First apparition this Sunday, in the state of South Carolina. There, the rapper appeared dressed in a bulletproof vest that had the word security written on it. In addition, true to its eccentric style, it had rl prlo stained with the number 2020.

His appearance there had a great repercussion on social networks for the statements of the musician and, in addition, for the surprise that he has decided to stand for president.

A user transcribed one of the words of Kayne West, who critical severely to the activist Harriet Tubman. The rapper said that she “had never freed the slaves”, but simply “had sent them to work for other white people.”

This was Kayne West’s first appearance as a presidential candidate

It should be remembered that Harriet Tubman She was an activist woman who fought for the freedom of enslaved African Americans in the United States and who is currently recognized as such by the community itself. She was born in the slavery of their fathers and lived like this for some years, between the last of the century, until he managed to escape. Since then he has dedicated himself to designing missions to help escape other slaves, among which were also members of his family and friends.

A sensitive subject

According to the New York Daily News, West revealed that he had urged that Kim Kardashian will make a abortion when she was pregnant with her first daughter, North. “I almost killed my daughter,” he said.

The rapper became very sensitive when he told the situation regarding his daughter

The rapper became very sensitive when he told the situation regarding his daughter

He also said that his father There was also wanted to abort it, therefore, this is a sensitive and difficult subject for him. That is why it has been shown against this action, as well as other abortive mechanisms, such as the morning after pill. For him, “there is no plan B. There is plan A.”

Anyway, he claimed he has no intention to ban abortion and that it should, in its opinion, be legal throughout the country.

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