Entrepreneurs Oeschle and Ottonello died

Two leaders of the Cordovan business community have died in the last two days: Carlos Oechsle and Moisés Ottonello.

Oechsle passed away last Sunday at age 82. The businessman founded Oechsler in 1959, to initially dedicate himself to selling motorcycle parts. Over time, brands such as Fram, Molykote and Castrol, among others, became a representative and distributor.

The German of the filters

Oechsle was also the Honorary Consul of Germany in Córdoba and a member of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs Automotive and Related Parts of Córdoba (Cerac).

For his part, Moisés Ottonello was one of the founders of the Ottonello Hnos pasta factory, along with his brother Luis, 115 years ago, as reported by the Federation of Fresh Pasta Entities.

With the business dough

The businessman also left last Sunday at the age of 76, after 25 days of having suffered a stroke.