Quarantine at CABA: they will retain the licenses of drivers who do not have permission to drive

From the Tuesday July 21, the authorities of the City of Buenos Aires will retain driver’s licenses of those who circulate without the corresponding certificate. The measure will be implemented in a staggered quarantine context, in which activities that were prohibited during the previous phase of isolation will gradually begin to be released.

They will also follow controls public transport users to ensure that only passengers essential workers. Meanwhile, the excepted must move in private transport, combis or private cars.

In dialogue with TN, the Buenos Aires Secretary of Transportation, Juan José MéndezHe explained: “We circulate without permission we know that it has a fine ranging from $ 10,000 to $ 80,000. And in this sense, just as we used to retain vehicles, in this new stage we are going to work on retention of driver’s licenses of those conduits of private vehicles that they drive without authorization “.

To avoid the penalty, the official recalled that, for exceptional reasons -such as the assistance of a family member or a medical consultation-, “anyone has a 24-hour permit available that allows you to circulate, use your private car, public transportation and other available tools. “

Finally, he appealed to the responsibility of citizens with a view to the progressive easing of quarantine. “Now it is more important than ever. We need the commitment of the neighbors for individual and collective care, “he said.

As officially reported, the vehicle control posts in the City will continue to operate with the same logic as until now. If the authorities detect that a person circulates without authorization or without the corresponding permission, they will continue to carry out a contravention act.

However, since Tuesday your license will also be retained and you will be issued a Citation Ticket Z for 10 business days. Your car may also be hijacked in cases where the driver commits the offense a second time.

To recover license, the person must approach the General Directorate of Infractions (DGAI) just after 72 hours of carved the minutes. You will then be able to resolve the violation (you can pay or appeal it) and your license will be returned to you.

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