First Hot Sale of houses and apartments starts: opportunities

The Real Estate Outlet will take place from July 20 to 30. Investors and final buyers can access brand new properties and also from well

Neither passages nor appliances. They are not fancy wallets or shoes. This time the protagonists of the Hot Sale are properties. It is that to face the crisis that the sector is going through, the Market Company and the SyG Group organized this real estate outlet.

This action will start on Monday July 20 and, for 10 days, you can choose from more than 100 published homes, all of them with discounts which in some cases, they reach 35% over current list prices.

“The proposal responds to a contained demand, that is, there are buyers interested in investing, but they are waiting for there to be a sincereness in the values ​​of the properties,” says Flor Rossi, director of Compañía de Mercado.

In this context, it was the commercial team of Real Estate Outlet that detected that these adjustments in prices They could benefit both parties: sellers and buyers.

“In addition, this proposal offers a competitive advantage: gathering 100 opportunities in one place. It is an opportunity-only site, thus preventing each person from browsing, wasting time on different portals, searching for options and comparing them. The latter is something that we consider as simple and disruptive something that the market has been needing “, analyzes Darío Sokoswski, founder and director of Grupo SyG.

From July 20 to 30, you can choose and buy from more than 100 published homes

Hot Sale of houses and apartments

What type of properties will those interested be able to access? There will be:

  • Well offers
  • Others under construction
  • Brand new homes

This hot sale has advantages for both end buyers and investors. For the first ones, it assures them that, with the same amount, they will be able to access more meters: the organizers assure that up to environments can be duplicated, passed from one to two.

For the investorsAs you know, these sales add to a time when properties are already losing value, making a perfect combo to maximize return.

“You can make multi-unit purchase packages to the same developer, in one or more buildings, with very tempting discounts. The brick was, is and will be an excellent investment and the best store of value, “adds Rossi.

At the time of seeing the specific numbers, these are some of the prices that the organization highlights:

  • Well properties, from $ 1,700 per square meter.
  • Completed apartments, in Palermo, from $ 2,200 per square meter.
  • Brand new office in Belgrano, u $ s2,000 per square meter.
  • Building garages, in Caballito, for rent, from u $ s14.000 (The normal price is between 22 and 25 thousand dollars).

The operation is virtual until contact. “Then the reservation is made in the traditional way, in contact with the sales team. There will be a large team of professionals to answer any type of query,” says Rossi.

Buyers will be able to access properties with up to a 35% discount

This is a new commercial opportunity in Real Estate. Articulate the different actors in the chain with benefits for all. There is no limit, “enthuses the director of Compañía de Mercado.

The truth is that the real estate sector has been living a fully ironed quarter, so this hot sale is shown as an opportunity for both buyers and entrepreneurs in the area. “It is positive that the different players can work together to start moving the market once and for all: developers, construction companies, real estate agents, buyers, investors and companies like the SyG Group,” explains Rossi.

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