Coronavirus in Argentina: 26 new deaths confirmed and the total of deceased amounts to 2,246

In its report number 253, the Ministry of Health of the Nation reported that there were 26 new deaths from coronavirus in Argentina in relation to the last nightly report and, thus, in the last 24 hours there were 42 deaths (the same number as yesterday) and the total number of fatalities in the country amounts to 2,246.

Of the 26 new dead, 16 are men, four of 54, 78, 85 and 91 years, residing in the province of Buenos Aires; ten of 64, 73, 74, 77, 82, 83, 86, 83, 89 and 91 years, residents in the City of Buenos Aires; one 91 years old, resident in the province of Córdoba; one 74 years old, resident in the province of Santa Fe; and ten women, six 62, 66, 68, 77, 84 and 98 years old, residing in the province of Buenos Aires; three of 74, 91 and 85 years old, residents in the City of Buenos Aires; and one 73-year-old, resident in the province of Mendoza. The case fatality rate remains at 1.8% of confirmed cases and the specific mortality rate of coronavirus is 48.9 people per million inhabitants, while the average age of the deceased is 75 years..

For his part, the total number of confirmed cases in Argentina is 122,524 (49.3% women and 50.7% men). Yesterday 3,223 new infected were incorporated: 90.6% with residence in AMBA and 1.8 with residence in Chaco. All provinces have reported patients with Covid-19 since the start of the pandemic, and only in seven provinces yesterday did they report cases. The incidence rate of coronavirus is 270 cases per hundred thousand inhabitants, 37 years is the median age of those affected and 7.6% correspond to health workers.

Of the epidemiological origin, 1,093 (0.9%) are patients who imported the virus, 39,113 (31.9%) are close contacts of confirmed cases and 62,057 (50.6%) are cases of community circulation, which are still holds in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires, in the cities of Resistencia, Barranqueras, Fontana and Puerto Vilela del Chaco, in the capital city of Neuquén, in Plottier and Centenario, in General Roca and Cipolletti de Black river.

As reported by Alejandro Costa, the head of the Undersecretariat for Health Strategies, 824 people are under intensive care, of which 91.9% corresponds to the city and the province of Buenos Aires. “The percentage of occupancy of intensive therapy by Covid and non-Covid pathology reaches 54.4 nationally and 63.9 in the intensive care beds of the AMBA. And the recovered, the good data: there are 54,105 people who have been discharged, 1,948 yesterday, which represents 44.1% of all confirmed cases, “he detailed.