Cerro Catedral is reactivated from this Tuesday with internal tourism

He Cathedral Hill, in Bariloche, will reopen for tourism next Tuesday, after more than 100 days of being closed, due to the social isolation measures decreed by the coronavirus pandemic. Be only for those with the resident pass. Cerro Perito Moreno, in El Bolsón, and La Hoya, in Esquel, are also working to resume activity in the coming weeks.

In the middle of the tourist emergency, which was declared in late June by the governor Arabela Carreras, the Andean ski centers Cerro Catedral, Perito Moreno and La Hoya will receive tourists again. Although, far from the thousands that come every year to enjoy the snow, they will start with a few locals, to test the protocols and demonstrate that they are prepared before taking the next step.

“On the 21st it would open Cerro Catedral in a first stage, residents only since passes will not be sold, nor will the box offices be open. In this way, only those who already have a temporary pass purchased in advance can enter, “he explained to Telam the Secretary of Tourism of the city of Bariloche Gastón Burlón.

In addition, the official announced that “there will be student instructors what are you going to do as preventers, they will help with the issue of protocols and all the measures that must be taken. “

In relation to what follows, which has to do mainly with the empowerment of graduate travelBurlón admitted that “everything will depend on what the province and the Nation authorize regarding tourism. “

Victor Alfaro, president of the Student Tourism Association of San Carlos de Bariloche (ATEBA) had anticipated TN.com.ar in June the intention to make a “pilot test with domestic tourism “ to start with reactivation and polish protocols. In order to be ready to receive fifth year students in September.

According to local media reports, it is expected that chairlifts of the central part of the mountain are put into operation, that is, the chair sixfold, quadruple and some other means of elevation complementary. The rest will remain closed.

The president of the Argentine Association of Ski Instructors, Snowboarding and rescuers pisteros (Aadidess) Martín Bacer, confirmed to Telam that “for the moment schools and clubs will not start even with their classes

“Work is being done to from the first of August the instructor pass can be sold, that is to say, until that date everything will be closed “, assured the director of the group.

For his part, the director of the Ski School Skimax and director of the Association of Ski Instructors and Snowboarding Hernán Franco remarked: “School instructors would have no pass in this first initiative. “

Franco acknowledged that “the season is lost from the economic“but that the sector is betting on” seeing the options to be able to function “.

“The panorama unfortunately limits them, both in terms of work, due to the lack of students; and personally, because they are left out of the passes to be able to ski even recreationally with their families or friends,” explained the director of the School. Ski Skimax.

“Aadidess is finishing the virtual training, which has been very well received by the students and which is very complete in terms of information and preparation, “Franco stressed, and revealed that efforts are being made to carry out the activity even at the local level.

Cerro Perito Moreno and La Hoya

Regarding the Ski Cerro Perito Moreno, located on the Andes mountain range in El Bolsón, a few kilometers from Bariloche, the benchmark in charge of the Communication department of the company Laderas Roberto Escardó, he advanced to Telam that “like most of the country’s ski resorts, are waiting for recreational and sports activities to be authorized

The spokesperson added that “in the meantime, the work of mountain conditioning It has been carried out for a couple of months now, taking all necessary precautions, respecting the use of the mask, gloves and alcohol gel. “

And he stressed that progress was already made in the preparation of health protocols with the municipality and with the health area of ​​El Bolsón, for when the activity can be carried out, in addition to regulating everything that has to do with the use of lifting means.

“The provision of gel alcohol in the main points of the mountains, the occupancy limitation in gastronomic places and everything that has to do with preventive protocols are aspects in which we work, “explained Escardó.

However, he stated: “There is no accurate opening date, we depend on authorization at the municipal level. “

In relation to Cerro La Hoya, in Esquel, Chubut, the ski center and snowboard which bears his name, could also join and open in the coming weeks. The Secretary of Tourism of the town Mariano Riquelme, he told the national news agency: “We are eager to see how is the activation of the other centers ski, Bariloche and La Angostura “.

In addition, he anticipated: “We are going to see how that opening occurs; we think it could be in the first days of August for the local public and, if the province authorizes us, we want to enable the public of the entire mountain range a little later “.

The former Argentine champion of snowboard Jorge Belardi, who from the beginning of the pandemic began to implement a worldwide solidarity campaign aimed at donating goggles for health workers in the country, acknowledged in dialogue with Telam that “surely It will be a year at a bad business level“, but expressed his desire to continue practicing the activity.

Meanwhile, snow is a solitary party in Patagonia and, in Bariloche, the around 65,000 workers who live exclusively from tourism will start the week with the hope of starting their activities again, after more than 100 days of being unemployed.