the enormous number of packages that Truckers stopped

“It is not a time for confrontation and blockades, but for dialogue and the search for solutions,” they indicated from the company. They resumed shipments

Some 200,000 packages they were accumulated in the distribution center that Mercado Libre owns in the Buenos Aires town of La Matanza due to the blockade of the Truckers Union, which claims that the firm’s workers should be included in its union. Now, as announced by the company, they began to be dispatched.

We put 200,000 packages in transit they were slowed down. This is not the time for confrontation and blockades, but for dialogue and the search for solutions, because we are concerned that users may continue to agree to buy products that they need in the midst of this situation of isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic, “Market spokesmen said. Free.

They also noted that the unlocking of the distribution center “It is a relief for small and medium-sized companies and for businesses“They stressed that” electronic commerce is one of the main sources of income for these sectors in this quarantine. ”

“There was a lot of concern from all parties in this regard,” said company sources, who indicated that “there is no final conclusion to this, but the positive is that we went from a blockade that was lifted this morning to a stage of dialogue”.

This morning the Ministry of Labor He led a meeting between the parties, which was attended by representatives of the Union, and by the company was attended by Jacobo Cohen Imach, vice president of Government Relations and Legal of Mercado Libre; and the head of Shipping Market Operations, Ariel Szarfsztejn.

In this regard, the spokespersons specified that “it is not a stage of negotiation, but of dialogue”, because they clarified that “there was no formal request” to the company by the Union.

The ecommerce platform affected its activity in deposits from various locations.

Moyano and Mercado Libre, in “dialogue table”

Representatives of the Truckers Union and of Free market this Friday they achieved a “social peace agreement and they decided to set up a “dialogue table” between the parties to “resolve the specific issues”, so the measure of force begun yesterday was suspended.

The dialogue table will also follow the future expansion plans of Mercado Libre both in the Federal Capital and in the interior of the country, confirmed spokesmen for the Ministry of Labor, who reported that the measures of force and blockades of truckers at the headquarters of Free Market “were lifted”.

“The Ministry proposed a framework for dialogue between the parties that made possible the social peace agreement and, from now on, they will continue at a dialogue table between the company and the Truckers union to see specific issues,” they added from the portfolio. national labor law.

Tension: the guild led by Moyano will continue talking with Mercado Libre.

Tension: the guild led by Moyano will continue talking with Mercado Libre.

In this sense, trade unionists and businessmen, after almost two hours of discussion, agreed “to continue working on various issues such as the expansion plan that the company has both in the Federal Capital and in the interior of the country; they agreed to work together,” stressed the spokesmen. .

Both parties met this morning, in a meeting called by the Ministry of Labor, to unlock the conflict generated by the protest and the blockades that were carried out in distribution centers of that online shopping company, suspended this morning while waiting for the negotiation results.

What truckers are demanding

Workers grouped in the Union of Truck Drivers (Sichoca), who drive Hugo and Pablo Moyanothey had started Blocks “in rejection of the payment of miserable wages” and “the non-perception of the Christmas bonus and vacations by many employees of the union“according to the union organization.

Pablo Moyano, deputy secretary of the union, had denounced on Thursday that the conflict originated in “the employer’s decision to pay miserable wages for a long time” and in the fact that “many trucker workers do not receive the Christmas bonus and the law”.

The deputy secretary general of the Truckers union, Pablo Moyano, gave his version of the conflict that the union has with Mercado Libre, which paralyzed for hours the delivery of more than 200,000 packages due to the blockade of five distribution centers.

In addition, he issued a warning to executives of the e-commerce company: “It will be tomorrow or it will be whenever, but logistics workers will belong to our union group

In dialogue with Chronicle, a few hours before the blockade was lifted and before the “social peace” meeting, Moyano assured that Mercado Libre employees who work in the distribution center that the firm has in the Central Market – today fitted in the union of Loading and Unloading – they should be part of Truckers.

“The company registered with the AFIP under the name of ‘Meli Lo’ and the main activity says that it is that of management and logistics services for the transport of merchandise. I believe that with this main activity, where they registered as logistics and transport activity, there is no more discussion, “he explained.

Pablo Moyano argues that the company does not respect

Pablo Moyano argues that the company does not respect “the dignity of workers”

Other companies, framed in truckers

Along these lines, the son of Hugo Moyano stated that “Walmart, Carrefour, Coto, Farmacity, Quilmes and Coca-Cola are all framed in the logistics of Truckers.”

“Who did Mercado Libre eat? Who are they not to respect the dignity of the workers?”

In a video released by Infocamioneros, the union leader said that the organization has denounced Mercado Libre since “the time of Macrism.” “The company had a very good relationship with macrismo, that’s why they allowed it to be framed in another union organization. It is a company that has earned, earns and will continue to earn millions of dollars from its businesses, but at the expense of the workers, “he denounced.

According to a survey by the union, “of the thousands of trucks and transport units, more than 80 percent do not comply with the collective bargaining agreement and are in the black. They are listed as monotributistas to avoid taxes and there are workers who collect half of what they have to charge. ”

Labor flexibility

In this sense, he added: “This is the labor flexibility that Macri wanted to take us: to have workers charging miserable wages, without any type of control and, surely, without bonuses or vacations.”

Moyano also pointed against Ocasa, one of the companies that Mercado Libre contracts for the distribution of packages: “It is playing the game of Mercado Libre by subcontracting freight forwarders who do not comply with the collective labor agreement.”

“Big business they hire young employees to scare them, pay them what they want, that they work the hours that they want and the days that they want. It is an unfair competition that is destroying those logistics companies that are in the Truckers organization and comply with everything, “he continued.

“Its name says it, Mercado Libre: free to outsource what you want, free to pay what you want, free to frame your workers and free to fire when it occurs to you. No, brother. Here you are in Argentina and you are going to have to comply with the collective agreement of Truckers, which is to pay them what corresponds to them, to comply with the labor conditions and to respect the workers, who are not a number as they believe, “he closed.

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