“Telenoche” | A Monte Hermoso family prepares breakfast for garbage collectors every day

The pandemic inundated us with bad news, but love stories also loom. And this that happens in Monte Hermoso is a demonstration. Susana is 67 years old and Raúl 70. Every morning after the quarantine begins, they leave breakfast for the garbage collectors who pass through their neighborhood.. Coffee and cakes are the usual menu with which they thank you for the effort in these times.

“I saw the collecting boys go by and I want to make them coffee and cake” Raúl says that his wife told him one day in the morning. They are people who are within the risk factor and therefore comply with the quarantine. This is their only way out their front door along with the times they have to shop. “Sometimes I make cupkakes for them and sometimes I make pancakes with dulce de leche” Susy says, as everyone in Monte Hermoso knows her.

“Every morning it is cold and is always firm with the coffee” says one of the collectors while waiting for Susana to come out with her daily gift. “With very little we can make our friends happy,” says Raúl, who continues to be grateful for what those in the trench do. “What we will receive the most is their love” remarks.

This story is much more touched by the pandemic we are going through. But Raúl and Susana are just one example of many that exist throughout the country, demonstrating that solidarity is a fundamental bridge for what happens to us now and what will come.